Slimming World Fake Fudge Recipe, Low Syn


Finding great desserts or snacks on slimming world can be tricky. It has to taste good, be simple to make and low in syns. This low syn fake fudge recipe is super easy to make and a great snack to keep in the freezer, handy for when you want a sweet treat. Also try this slimming world Prosecco jelly recipe.

How Many Syns In Fake Fudge?

There are 5 syns in a banana an 1 in the Muller Light. Making this fake fudge slimming world sweet snack 6 syns. However I would freeze this into 3 portions which are the perfect size for a low syn snack of 2 syns.

To Make Slimming World Fake Fudge You will need;

  • 1 frozen Muller toffee yogurt
  • 1 roughly mashed banana
  • 2 sachets of sweetener
How to make slimming world fake fudge

Method; To Make Slimming World Fake Fugde

  • Mash the banana and put into a bowl
  • Now add the sweetener and yoghurt.
  • Mix together the yoghurt, banana and sweetener and freeze,
  • Once frozen take out of the freezer and leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  • Then cut it into cube sizes
  • Now split into 3 portions of 2 syns each.

Can You Keep Fake Fudge In The Fridge?

No, it must be kept in the freezer of it turns into mush and is not very appealing at all.

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low syn slimming world fudge

The recipe does tastes nice, but not quite like fudge! The texture is different, obviously being frozen makes a difference.

However I made the fake fudge when it was really hot, and yes it was nice to pick at them whilst the boys were eating ice cream. Also they are quick and easy to make and anything that is minimum effort has to be good right?

Also if you are looking for the perfect slimming world dessert check out my other recipes.

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