Elf On The Shelf Quarantine Kit, Face Mask And Vaccination Certificate


Are you adding an Elf to your family bubble this Christmas? Because there has been lots of talk of Elves having to quarantined have their vacinations this year! However the great news is that as long as the Elves come with an official North Pole Quarantine and vaccination certificates they are able to move straight into your home.

Also after 24 hours quarantine are totally safe to cause chaos as they do every year. To help the process run smoothly I have made these cute Elf On The Shelf Face Mask templates and quarantine certificates, which can be cut out ready for Elf arrival day.

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Do also check out my ELF Alphabet, otherwise known as the Elf-abet. This is perfect for creating personalised letters and colouring pages. And my Elf Countdown Christmas Sticker Templates, Elf Travel Stamps and Printable Elf Money.

Free Downloadable Elf on the shelf quarantine kit and Elf Quarantine Certificate

What’s In The Elf On The Shelf Quarantine Kit?

An Official North Pole Santa Claus Signed Quarantine Certificate.

This will give your family the peace of mind that your family Elf or Elves have indeed carried out a pre quarantine at the North Pole and attended no Elf parties. Simple carry out 24 hours quarantine at your end and your family elf is good to go. This official North Pole document has spaces for your Elves to fill out and personalise on arrival.

An Elf Face Mask Template

(2 versions) For you to cut on a Cricut machine. Or indeed cut out a template on paper and draw onto felt or fabric to cut out by hand. Ask your Elf to send their measurements to get a good mask fit!

Elf on the shelf face mask templates

Elf Vaccination Certificates

Elves need vaccinations too if they are coming into our homes, and this vaccination certificate signed by Dr Montgomery Owl certifies that your family elf is fully vaccinated and ready for the festivities.

Elf Vaccination Certificate Peter

North Pole Stickers To Label Your Elf Quarantine Container.

These can printed or cut out on vinyl on a Cricut machine for a box or acrylic container. Vital to ensure no Elves are hurt in magical transit. I think this would have looked better backed with a solid while vinyl rectangle.

Elf Quarantine stickers

How To Get Hold Of My Elf On The Shelf Quarantine Kit

Simply click on the image below grab your free Elf Quarantine Kit, also please do share on social media and spread the word. To download simply click on the file, right click and choose download. To get all the files simply press shift down and right click to download.

You Will Need To Prepare Your Elf On The Shelf Quarantine Kit.

Elf  quarantine kit with Elf on the shelf face Mask templates

25 Elf On The Shelf Mischief Ideas For 2021

Also if you are struggling for inspiration to get you through 25 days of Elf mischief here are some simple ideas to help out. And also take the stress out of Elf season.

  • Leave Elf Banners
  • Or Elf Colouring Pages
  • Make sledges with candy canes or ski’s with lolly sticks
  • Roast marshmallows next to a tv fire ( Never a real one)
  • Tie a toy to a train track
  • Set up a toy making workshop with Playmobil or lego
  • Cover a room in toilet roll
  • Wrap up the fruit in the fruit bowl
  • Make a diy snow scene for the elf to play in and make snow angels
  • Set up a toy school and chalk board
  • Hang from the lights with monkey in a barrel
  • Set up a card game or Monopoly with Buzz and Woody
  • Make snow flakes and elf snow men
  • Freeze small toys into ice balls!
  • Make an elf climbing wall with velcro strips
  • Make a costume from a Pringles or Smarties tube
  • Set up an Elf car/truck race track
  • Draw pictures and leave messages on banana skins
  • Use a t rex as a horse
  • Make an elf bubble bath with marshmallows
  • Make Elf angel wings
  • Fly with buzz lightyear
  • Set up a mini busking station
  • Bake cookies but get flour everywhere
Free Downloadable Elf on the shelf quarantine kit with Elf Quarantine Certificate, stickers and mask

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