Easy Vegetables For Christmas Dinner


The big day is almost here, Christmas Day is approaching fast. Whilst we are franticly rushing around shopping and getting last minute gifts this post will help you streamline your vegetables for Christmas Dinner.

Easy Vegetables For Christmas Dinner And How To Prepare Vegetables For Christmas Day In Advance

slimming world red cabbage, easy vegetables for Christmas Dinner

Sweet Red Cabbage For Christmas Dinner

I have 2 recipes for sweet red cabbage to serve as a vegetable for Christmas dinner. Both are simple recipes that are easy to prepare in advance, thus making Christmas Day easier. However one is a slow cooker recipe, hence takes a lot longer to cook.

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But don’t let that put you off, slow cooker recipes are so quick and low maintenance. I love how you can just put all the ingredients in a pot and leave it, that is my kind of cooking.

Slow Cooker Red Cabbage

This is a super easy low fat slimming world recipe that tastes incredible despite it being low fat. The beauty of this slow cooker red cabbage is that you can throw everything in a slow cooker on the day or indeed the day before. I tend to cook sweet red cabbage in advance and freeze in food bags to heat up as and when needed, you can find the RECIPE HERE.

However if you want to cook it freshly on the day prepare the night before and let it cook throughout the day. Yet preparing in advance and freezing saves time and does not detract from the flavour one bit.

slow cooker red cabbage recipe

Sweet Red Cabbage Cooked In A Pan

On the other hand if you want reasonably quick to cook vegetables for Christmas Day recipe. This BRAISED RED CABBAGE RECIPE is cooked with lashings of butter and tastes divine and takes arounds an hour to prepare and cook.

If you choose to cook on the day prepare the day before and keep in the fridge ready prepared tp put in the pan. However this also can be made in bulk, frozen in advance and re-heated.

sweet red cabbage recipe, perfect to serve with roast dinner and easy vegetables for Christmas Dinner

The Ultimate Christmas Vegetable, Shredded Brussel Sprouts With Pancetta

My fave ever CHRISTMAS VEGETABLE RECIPE is this Brussel sprouts with pancetta recipe. In our house Brussels are not just for Christmas and no Christmas Dinner would be complete without this show stopping Christmas Day Veg.

Chop the Brussels and pancetta the day before and store in the fridge ready to cook on Christmas Day to save time, it takes less than 10 minutes to cook on the day.

Recipe for Brussel sprouts with bacon, the perfect Vegetables for Christmas Dinner

Roasted Carrots With Honey For Christmas Day

Roasted carrots are super easy, simply drizzle with honey, season with sea salt and pepper and cook in the over for 30-40 minutes on 180C. For an extra tasty touch sprinkle with a little rosemary soaked in extra virgin olive oil.

To save time buy mini carrots with the tops on, these are super sweet, look great and simply need washing before popping on a baking tray. However if you choose larger carrots just chop and prepare on Christmas Eve.

Roasted Carrots and sweet potatoe wedges www.extraordinarychaos.com

Not A Vegetable, But!

Because no roast or Christmas Dinner is complete without Yorkshire Puddings, am I right? CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE. Save time, make your pudding mix the day before and store in the fridge until you are ready to put them in the oven. They couldn’t be more simple to make and taste so m much better than their shop bought comparisons.

what goes with Sunday roast

So there you have it a few simple suggestions for Christmas Dinner Veg, and here’s hoping your Christmas dinner is a gastronomical triumph.

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Easy vegetables to make Christmas Dinner easy but still be home made.

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