Designing Your Own T Shirt With Iron On Vinyl And Avoiding Twinning!


I do love a slouchy t shirt, but am not a lover of plain, there is nothing better that a slouchy slogan t shirt for chill out days, or those busy days when you are travelling or running around town doing jobs and comfort is key. But have you ever thought of designing your own t shirt?

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Because I found the problem with slogan t-shirts is uniqueness, when they become an insta cliche and the world has that t-shirt. As a result everywhere you go people are cloning, or the current buzz word twinning!

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What a genius way of getting guaranteed sales, getting a whole family to wear the same garment, I mean come on whoever marketed that idea is a legend? And if you buy into that good on you, because we are all different and unique. If twinning is your thing who am I to put my size 5s into the mix and change anyones mind.

Make your own t shirt

It would never happen in the Christie household, it was never a conscious thing but I always dressed the boys differently to suit their personalities. Even different colours, they embraced it and became unique.

That is until they reached the teen grey stage, oh how depressing that is? A wardrobe full of grey, black and blue designer gear. They will hate me for saying this, but it’s twinning on a massive scale.

I remember once the trauma of arriving to be a godmother at a christening, and I have to say I loved my ensemble, felt pretty great until I walked into the church and straight into the other godmother who had exactly the same outfit on. Oh the shame as we stood at the alter twinning! Of course we laughed about it, what else could we do! But it was not my finest hour.

So after 300 words I finally get to the point! Designing your own slogan t shirt with the Cricut maker and Cricut Iron On Vinyl is the way forward. We all have a message we want to share don’t we?

Cricut Iron On T Shirt

“What better way of sharing a message is there than wearing it for the world to see?”

It might be something simple like my latest idea. I just wanted to add a bit of red to a Bretton t-shirt and thought “Hey” worked well.

Or it maybe you just want to be you, which in this world of twinning, people telling you how you should do things, what your niche in life should be. What you should be talking about and how? Does anyone else do a massive eye roll when someone tries to offer that advice?

“Advice on how not to be you.”

Sometimes it’s best to take such advice with grace, internally roll your eyes and move on. People generally mean well.

T shirt iron on with Cricut Easy Press

I have a step by step post here of how to design and style a t-shirt. But wanted to offer a few pointers of things I look out for.

  • Have a few slogans in mind and jot them down.
  • If you see anything that would would well a quote or a slogan, note it down, I always forget.
  • It may be a cause you want to shout from the rooftops?
  • Keep your eyes peeled for customisable bargains, denim jackets, t-shirts, back-packs. Anything goes, it’s whatever makes you unique.
  • Don’t be afraid of customising a designer bargain, you can only make it better with your own unique touches.
  • Be you and be proud of it, as long as no one is offended its whatever makes you happy. Wear your heart on your sleeve, chest, wherever you want to put it. And don’t shy away from being the real you.
Designing a t shirt with the cricut maker

Well that didn’t go how I intended it to, I aimed to write a bit of a how to post. But that’s the thing about being unique, if you want to sit and write that’s ok. Because I can’t be the only person in the world feeling the pressure of being myself every now and then. And sometimes we just need to say that out loud.

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