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Having curly hair can be a minefield, especially when looking for a salon to have a curly haircut.

Every qualified hairdresser is experienced in curly hair, when they say this, it is true. However not everybody is experienced cutting curly hair curl by curl. It’s a totally alien concept to anyone who has trained to cut by guidelines and sections on wet hair. As a stylist it goes against everything you learn and spend years perfecting.

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However as stylist it’s important to remember, one size does not fit all with hairdressing or indeed hair.

Why Is Cutting Curl By Curl Different?

Cutting curl by curl on dry hair enables a stylist to look at curl patterns and hair growth. Thus only cutting off exactly what is needed without over-stretching the hair, disturbing the curls or taking off too much length. Curly hair stretches when its wet, how many times have you left a salon after a cut and blow dry and felt scalped?

I cut my curly hair clients hair dry. When you follow the Curly Girl Method curls start to form a memory. Usually when you wash and style your hair you will only brush your hair with a Denman or wide tooth comb when it has conditioner on. This way your curls are not disturbed.

Cutting Curly Hair

Cutting pre-styled hair allows to to see how the client styles their hair, and also if the curl is heavy in any areas. Also allows me to see what is important to the client, ie volume, weight of length. Without continuously combing through the hair, as you would when cutting wet hair.

Top Curly Haircut Cutting Tips

How Do I Know If A Curly Hair Salon Understands My Curly Hair And Is Able To Do A Curly Haircut?

Look for fellow curly girls who can recommend a curly hair stylist, recommendation goes a long way.

If you think a stylist may be a curly hair specialist, ask them questions. As a stylist you can be a curly hair specialist but not have experienced in curl by curl cutting. It’s a totally different concept.

Curly Hair Stylist Sarah at Sissors Hair Salon Burnley

Curly Haircut Questions To Ask Your Hair Stylist

  • Are you going to cut my hair wet or dry.
  • Do you use curly girl friendly hair products? Most salons use sulphate free products these days, however that does not necessarily mean they are curly girl friendly. If the stylist does not know then probably not!
  • Do you offer cut only appointments? ( I ask my clients to come with their hair freshly washed and styled)
  • Do you offer a styling service and if so at which point will you cut my hair?

You know what’s right for your hair, trust your instinct. There are some fantastic curly hair stylists out there.

How Often Should I Get My Hair Cut?

To keep hair in great condition get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks. If you feel your curls are dropping, it may be because your layers are getting too heavy in this case book in for a trim. Having a haircut does not have to mean getting lots cut off, its more about keeping the hair looking great and in good condition.

Can You Wear Curly Hair In Layers

Yes you can, layers are great for curls and help to remove weight, however thinning is not good for curls. Many salons will tell you your curly hair needs thinning, however this just unsettles the curls and causes frizz.

Can You Have Highlights With Curly Hair?

Yes you can, colour will unsettled you curl patterns so be prepared for this! I would suggest going for a balayage effect that does not have roots if you having your hair highlighted, thus you don’t need to have it done as often.

If you are covering white hair or choosing a fashion of full head colour then yes it will cause some initial curl disruption however if you want colour its a small price to pay.

Winter Slouchy Sweater from H&M and how to style curly hair

Curly Hair Up-Do‘s

When looking an up-do for a night out of special occasion consider styles that need less hairspray if any at all. Book a consultation with your stylist to discuss options. There are so many curly hair up, check out my curly up do pinboard by opening Pinterest, pressing search and hovering your camera over the below image.

Curly Girl hairstyles pinboard

I hope that helps you to find a good curly hair stylist, and remember recommendation and instinct go a long way.

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