Creating Art You Love With Posterlounge


I can’t quite say when I first got that passion for travel and adventure. I think it was when the boys were small.

However I loved travel brochures as a child and remember spending hours reading them. Do you remember when you could order travel brochures over the phone? I was always ordering brochures and reading them like magazines.

The wanderlust was always there. And as soon as the boys were born we knew we wanted to travel with them. Go on adventures and explore exciting new things.

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So when the lovely people from Posterlounge contacted me and asked me to choose a piece of art that would reflect my personality I knew it had to be travel related.

The problem is they have SOOOOOO much choice. And you have to check out the cocktail posters they are AMAZING.

But as soon as I saw this gorgeous travel picture I knew this was the one. With almost everything I love about travel in a piece of art and in the prettiest pastel shades. Although you do have to check out the cocktail prints!


 Art You Love With Poster Lounge

Travel Art on perspex With Poster Lounge

The wonderful thing about Posterlounge is that you can choose from 6 different sizes and materials from poster or canvas to acrylic glass to display your art on. You can even customise the image making it the perfect addition to your home or personalised art gift. 

I have never come across such versatility before and being an infinite procrastinator it took me so long to choose my material and size of print. But after much wandering with a tape measure I opted for a large acrylic glass. And I LOVE it, it helped that they have a great facility where you can change the background of your chosen art to match your wall colour ensuring you get the right piece of art to match your decor. How clever is that?

Converting a poster to perspex, wood or canvas With Poster Lounge

Converting a poster to perspex With Poster Lounge

Travel Art on perspex With Poster Lounge

It will most certainly change the way I shop for art. I think the material a picture is displayed on or framed within can make a huge difference to the decor and style of room. And being one of those fussy types, my interior style has to be just right. That includes the tiny little details.

I can see Chris rolling his eyes as I typed that. However you could see my fussy nature as having exacting standards.  I know what I like and have a vision when I style a room. Having somewhere that appreciates my love of detail and allows me to tailor make art for my home, whilst still being affordable is wonderful.

And even better I have a £50 voucher to give away to one of my lovely readers. All you need to do is enter the rafflecopter below and tell me what sort of poster you would choose from Posterlounge’s incredible collection. Good luck and happy choosing.





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102 thoughts on “Creating Art You Love With Posterlounge”

  1. I love this Sarah how versatile posterlounge is to produce the art you want on the material to suit your home decor I’ll definitely be having a look. Love your choice and it suits you perfectly ??xxx

  2. Lots to choose from but there are some in the music and some in the photography section that I am particularly drawn to.

  3. They have some fantastic prints to choose for, I think I would go for either a nature or a Landscape. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  4. There are so many great prints – i would have to choose something from the music section…torn between guns n roses, nirvana and freddie mercury 🙂

  5. I think I’d choose the Venic Al Fresco as it reminds me of my trip to Venice last year but it’s so hard to choose! There are so many wonderful images!

  6. I would either choose something from the music collection being a whole fan of all genres of music or the photography section as I love how one image is able to capture so much

  7. I love the kitchen ones to bring so colour to my large plain walls. Love the cocktail ones and the spices. Fabulous choices and certainly got me browsing x


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