Tips For Choosing Laminate Wood Flooring In The Kitchen.


Today I want to share our experience of Choosing And Laying Laminate Wood Flooring In The Kitchen. The the garden renovations are coming to an end I am at a point where I can start to photograph the glass extension from the inside. I kid you not, having a wall a glass makes such a difference to these things. As the outside has to be as tidy as inside. When you are in the middle of home renovations it really does feel like there will never be an end to it!

However now is nearly the time to sit back and enjoy the changes we have made to our home. And my goodness, the extra space has been a godsend during lockdown. It’s meant we have all rubbed along nicely with our own space. Although it has not escaped me how lucky we are. Anyhow I digress, renovations really do scramble your brain!

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My Guide To Using Wood Laminate Flooring In The Kitchen

The flooring was one element of our kitchen planning that drove us potty, we just didn’t know what we wanted apart from rustic!

Solid Wood Flooring Was Out Of The Question And Here’s Why?

The existing part of the downstairs of our house is solid oak. It looks beautiful, however looking after it is a totally different matter. Over the years it has gone several shades darker, and its a nightmare to keep clean. This is despite the fact that is’s mopped all the time, and a couple of times a year I get on my knees and scrub it.

I believe this is because the previous owner of our house failed to seal it. However now we are at a point that to get it to its former colours we are going to have to empty the house and sand the floor. But in its present state it absorbs dirt like a sponge. This is not something I wanted in the highest traffic area of the house.

choosing laminate flooring for a kitchen renovation is it easy to fit

Choosing Laminate Wood Flooring, Is It Good For Kitchen Floors?

After living with a laminate floor in the kitchen for 6 months I am going to say a resounding yes. Here are what we have found the benefits to be, and how we came to the decision of choosing our rustic style floor.

The Benefits Of Having Laminate Flooring In The Kitchen

  • It is great for pets.
  • Doesn’t absorb dirt.
  • You’re able to wipe spillages up, they wont sink in.
  • If you lay a good quality insulation level it’s warm.
  • But also cool in the summer.
  • If you have any doors leading to the outside its easy to wipe muddy footprints.
  • There’s a choice of colours and styles to suit any room.
  • If you choose a more rustic style it doesn’t show all the bits, despite the fact that I vac daily this is essential with teens and a dog.

We choose a rustic looking laminate with a built in grain as we wanted an aged look. Which was also splash proof so suitable for kitchens.

Should Your Kitchen Flooring Match Your Worktops?

When we were at kitchen planning stage, a particularly pushy kitchen planner, who, I might add, never got our business as he didn’t listen to a thing we wanted. But filled the kitchen with things he would like! Anyhow he told us we have to go lighter for the floor and work darker.

should my kitchen floor be light or match my worktops

Whilst this may work for some it just didn’t work for us with teens and pets. I spent hours on Pinterest looking at styles of kitchens that I loved. Most of those styles had a darker rustic floor. Plus we had decided on a white granite top and half of our kitchen units would be light with darker units as a contrast.

So I took his advice with a pinch of salt and did what every home owner should do! Go with a style that we love. My advice is create a Pinterest kitchen board, pin what you love and then reflect on the kind of looks you have pinned.

Is laminate wood floor good for pets

Can You Lay A Laminate Wood Floor By Yourself?

If you are one of those people who can do jobs around the home then it’s not difficult, especially on a new room as long as you follow these rules.

  • Buy a click lock system, these click together easily and are easier to fit.
  • Use a good quality underlay.
  • Measure correctly and buy all your floor from the same batch, ensuring you have a little extra just in case.
  • Ensure you have the correct cutting equipment.
  • Fit before any skirting boards, these go on top.
  • However be mindful of any heavy units, we decided to fit around our island and cupboards and because of the granite and double height units we knew they were too heavy for the floor to take.
What to I need to fit a laminate wood floor

Cutting Equipment Needed For Laying A Laminate Wood Floor…

  • A contour gauge for measuring corners and marking out.
  • Circular saw with a fine cut blade .
  • Jigsaw with a fine cut blade.
  • Protective gloves and goggles.
  • Pencil for marking out
  • A set square.
  • Workbench.
  • Insulated masking tape (for connecting the insulation)
How Do I Lay Laminate Flooring Around My Kitchen Units And Island?

How Do I Lay Laminate Flooring Around My Kitchen Units And Island?

We though long and hard about this, did we fit around or under? We decided on around for many reasons. However the weight of the granite and full length units were our main factor. Also, if there was any problems, ie a leak or damage this would also mean we could replace the floor easily should we need to.

Fit your wood floor after your kitchen, but before your skirting boards and plinths and these will all be cut to fit. It makes sense to look at your kitchen and plan how you will fit the floor and in what direction.

There are many theories on this, some say you fit going forwards from the door. ( a bit like a bowling alley) There are also recommendations to follow patterns of light, and additionally to consider the direction of flooring from connecting rooms.

We decided to go across the kitchen to match the direction of the hall flooring, any other direction would have looked messy where the doorways met.

Use the contour gauge to create shape around plinth ends and legs, these can then be traced onto the flooring and cut accurately. Consider a matching beading for island plinth ends to finish the edges. However also ensure you fit laminate up to walls and edges or nail beading halfway under kitchen cupboards to prevent the floor from moving once fitted.

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Caring For A Wood Laminate Flooring In A Kitchen

Keep it clean and dry ensuing you mop up spillages immediately. We have to be mindful of our ice machine as every now and then we get an avalanche!

Vac daily, we have a iRobot Vac these are great for getting in corners, and picking up dust as well as pet hair. I set mine to run daily and the floor always looks great.

Dont use a wet mop, I use a microfibre mop pad that has been squeezed out and spray with a mild cleaner as I go.

Hope that is useful, its amazing what you can do yourself if you set my mind to it! Also check out how we project managed our own build.

Please note although this post is a sponsored post, this is our real experience of our renovations.

How to choose wood effect laminate flooring for a kitchen and is it a practical kitchen floor option for families with kids and pets

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