Adding A Personalised Touch To Home Decor

Sometimes its hard envisioning a room complete isn’t it? I knew the colours I wanted for our Lounge, I knew what rug we wanted and overall was thrilled with the result. But there were still a few things missing, I am still to find the perfect pictures to hang over my desk, and have struggled finding just the right cushions, I felt I needed something personalised, something we could all relate too.

Adding A Personalised Touch To Home Decor with Snapfish Cushions

I had scoured the shops looking for something with a bit of colour but had just not found the right ones. Then as I was making my SnapFish Calendar  it came to me, I would create my cushions myself. So I spent some time going through memories of our year, and one event stood out, the Diabetes UK London Bridge Challenge. We love London; it was a beautiful day with gorgeous blue skies, exactly what I wanted for my personalised sofa cushions.

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Joe’s Tween Bedroom Project

I have talked lots in the last couple of weeks about how decorating is just not my thing, but what I do love is design so I thought I would share the inspiration behind Joe’s new tween bedroom.

Our home is very quirky and all of the up-stairs rooms are built-in the eaves of the roof. This means we have reasonable floor space but as the roof slopes, not very much wall and head space.

Because of this rooms have to be planned and designed to maximise space. Joe’s main brief was that he wanted a desk, also I wanted to also ensure he had somewhere to store his toys. To solve this we bought a divan bed with drawer space underneath and a tall thin chest of drawers to avoid taking up too much floor space, these ensure his toys are stored out of sight giving him a clutter free environment yet with easy access to toys and games.

Joe's Room

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