Top Tips For An Organised And Chilled Family Home


Relaxation time with the family is something to look forward to in the evening. There’s something soothing about curling up under a warm blanket, whilst the family catches up on the news from the day.

Considering how little time is available to spend together each day, it’s important to keep the home chilled and inviting. Here are my top tips for ideas to make your home cosy for all.

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 Design the lounge to fit all family members

Since the lounge is a place where everyone goes to relax, the first priority is to make space for everyone. Ensure that you have plenty of seating for your family, ensuring family chill time is something everyone looks forward too. Consider each family member’s interests and make space for what they enjoy.

Stylish plantation window shutters visually open up the lounge by flooding the room with light. Open the shutters for activities such as reading and close the shutters to dim the natural light in order to prevent glare on the television. Arrange seating around a cozy fire to face the television for movie nights.

You don’t have to forego your own style here, so use accents that you like. Keep the room open by choosing a light, neutral colour scheme. Stow away breakable antiques, or place them high up on wall shelving so that they won’t likely be accidentally broken by roque footballs, that may be banned from indoors, but still seem to find a way in. Instead, opt for updated décor that suits your room.

Top Tips For An Organised And Chilled Family Home

 Fun and functional kitchen design

When considering kitchen design, think about how well your kitchen functions. Study what problems you encounter whilst cooking or what storage issues you experience. Add a freestanding cupboard or a pan rack to provide extra storage space. A sleek stainless steel or hardwood kitchen island provides extra counter space for food preparation.

When the kitchen is a place in which your family likes to hang out, consider providing additional seating if there is enough space. Measure your kitchen before bringing in additional seating or furniture. Sometimes, kitchen islands include built-in seating, or you might opt for a small breakfast table if it fits.

Creating A Vintage Yet Modern Dining Space

Room at the table for all

Once your kids reach the teen years, they are often busier than ever. This is also when they need guidance the most with exams, and career options being at the forefront of their thoughts. Make sure that your dining table is large enough for the entire family, and ideally it will allow space for extra guests. When your teenagers and their friends are gathered around your table, you know that they are safe and well-fed.

 Big statements in small bathrooms

The bathroom must be functional, but it shouldn’t lack in style. Even a small bathroom can be attractive and sleek. Space-saving storage solutions and fixtures are key. Add floating shelves for a minimalist look. Store toiletries in glass jars, add a hamper under the sink for the ever growing selection of aftershaves. And have a good supply of towels for the constant showers the teens indulge in.

 Create a chill room for teens

Teenagers need a room to escape their hectic day as much as the adults. Consider their personal style and interests here more than anywhere else in your home.

Involve them in choosing a style and colour palate. An excellent colour scheme might be the colours of their football team. If they crave bold or wild patterns, go all out on easy-to-change items, such as patterned drapes or bedspreads. If they have a desk in the room, you can include personal items and pops of colour nearby, as long as they are not too much of a distraction from studying. After all, the high school years are very important.

Teenagers have so many things to store, not to mention an overflowing wardrobe. Storage solutions such as wall-mounted shelving or colourful storage hampers are essential.

Any cool teen bedroom will have a chill-out zone. Consider adding space-saving seating for a friend or two, such as a bean bag chair. If their bed and bedroom are small, a trundle bed stows away when not in use.

Visiting Elvis And Room To Grow Bedding

Visiting Elvis And Room To Grow Bedding


As your family evolves, so will your interiors and furniture. You can keep your sense of style yet still meet the needs of your ever changing family. Make the home inviting by meeting their needs with a special focus on rooms where you will spend time just chilling together. Because trust me the teens years fly by.

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  1. It is so true that your home evolves over the years as the kids get older. We recently revamped our playroom to a second chill out area, though it is still packed to the rafters with Katie’s dolls. Though as Hywel keeps telling me, I will be sad when she no longer plays with them. I love having an organised home with lots of space for all the family x


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