Adding An Art Wall And A Little Colour With Wayfair


When we moved into our quirky little country home with its dark little corners and big bright rooms we thought long and hard about decor. Its difficult when some rooms are really big bright and airy some are quirky little rooms such as our hallway, which is spacious but has no natural light at all.

I knew I needed to brighten it up and had created a little reading corner with white walls and teal shades of furniture to brighten it up, but still something was missing. And then one day it struck me, what I was missing an art wall and a bit of pink. Of course the Christie boys rolled their eyes at such thoughts of introducing pink into our male dominated home but I was a woman on a mission.

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And then I saw this super cool Art Group pineapple print. And I instantly knew this pineapple would be at the centre of my creation. An art wall to brighten up my hallway and get a little pink into the Christie household.

Adding An Art Wall And A Little Colour With Wayfair

Adding An Art Wall And A Little Colour With Wayfair

Pineapples are significant for us Christie’s.

Not just a delicious fruit that we all love, which is also perfect in cocktails, cakes and on salads making it the perfect multi functional fruit. But also because they remind us all of a very special lady.  A couple of years ago one of Chris’s beloved aunties gave me a piece of advice I will never forget.

She was nearing the end of life and at that confused stage. But she was extremely happy in her own little bubble. Not sad, or poorly just very happy and a little confused at times. On our last ever visit as we said goodbye she pulled me close looked me in the eyes and said “ Just remember Sarah, you have nothing in life if you don’t have pineapples.”

I never forget her gentle smiling face; in her mind she had given me the most important tip ever. I accepted it gracefully and thanked her for her lovely advice and we left. That was the last time we saw her. And the thing is with loosing relatives that are precious, its important to remember the positive, something that makes you smile.

She was a sassy lady in her time, and I sort of think she did give me an important piece of advice, a beautiful gift to remember her by. Because whenever any of us see a pineapple we think of dear aunty Margaret and smile, the boys still giggle about said pineapple discussion.

Adding An Art Wall And A Little Colour With Wayfair

Adding An Art Wall And A Little Colour With Wayfair

Adding An Art Wall And A Little Colour With Wayfair

Adding An Art Wall And A Little Colour With Wayfair

Adding An Art Wall And A Little Colour With Wayfair

The Art Group pineapple canvas print felt like fate, and something to build an art wall around.

I choose a leafy canvas to blend with our decor and the bright flamingos to remind me of beaches and sunny days. The wooden letter B stands for one of the loves in my life, of course blogging. And the heart for the real loves of my life the 3 men in my life oh and the furry one of course. The hallway is in the centre of our family home and therefore the heart, which also lights up for those dark winter months.

I introduced a tripod light into the room to give an urban edge but also a soft light for darker days. Which fits perfectly into the room and theme. I am thrilled with how cheery and bright it feels, and have to say am patting myself on the back a little that even the Christie boys can’t argue that it does look great and work well.

My Tops tips for adding an art wall into your home are;

Be brave, a little bravery and going outside your comfort zone can create something striking.

Think of contrasting colours and use the colour wheel for inspiration on shades and complimentary colours.

Add a personal story into the wall; it gives it a life of its own.

Don’t just use art; add a few ornamental pieces and a stand lamp to give a multi dimensional look.

Plan out on the floor before placing on the wall, this way you can swap about and change to get the exact look you want.

Mark it out on the wall with a pencil before hammering in hooks to avoid mistakes.

And remember in the words of the great and wonderful aunty Margaret you have nothing in life if you don’t have pineapple. And in todays crazy world I think that was very sound advice that will always bring a smile to my face.

Adding An Art Wall And A Little Colour With Wayfair

Get the look.

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Adding An Art Wall And A Little Colour With Wayfair




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12 thoughts on “Adding An Art Wall And A Little Colour With Wayfair”

  1. I too have chose the palm print and have a couple of different to go with it. Love the pops of pink in yours and the addition of the heart light. Gorgeous styling x

    • I love it it’s so cool isn’t it? I was so excited to introduce a little pink into our home ha ha, cant wait to read yours x

  2. I was tempted to get that pineapple canvas too! Your gallery wall is so summery and pretty. And the flamingos are just too cute! I wish it was summer already 🙂 x

  3. Ah what wonderful advice about Pineapples, that made me smile. I love your wall and this is something Katie would love in her bedroom. And you definitely need pink in your male dominated house, what do boys know eh x

    • Ah thanks Caro, she said lots of things that day that were all a bit jumbled bless her, I think in her mind it just felt like an important thing to ay at that time, and you know what, it was x


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