Styling Our Hallway, And Creating A Little Haven

I keep threatening to empty our shed and convert it into an office/studio, it is safely situated half way up our garden, not near enough that you would venture to in the rain, but also a safe distance from the boy’s football pitch.

Somewhere I could go for peace a little haven away from all the blooming football. I suppose what with the nail-biting end to the football season and Chris and the boys watching every match of every Burnley Football club competitor and every football highlight show, the situation is feeling a little more desperate at the moment.

It is like I am surrounded by football talk whenever they are all in the house grrrr. Whilst I am thrilled their team is doing so well, I am glad the season is finished and normal service is about to resume.

I recently posted about decorating the hallway,  and after finally finishing styling our hallway this little corner of our home has fast become my little haven, closely followed by Toby who is going to get a nervous disposition with all this impromptu cheering at the TV.

Styling our Hallway , And Having A Little Haven

It’s a funny little room as it is right in the centre of our house with no natural light, so a total nightmare to photograph, but almost has a lovely cocoon feeling. And the great thing is, the boys may pass through the hall, but they never stop. This makes it a wonderful little football free zone for Toby and I to chill out, away from all the football talk.

If I had to tell you what my style was, I actually could not tell you, it is most certainly a mixture of vintage and modern and this room reflects that.

Everything sort of fits around Chris’s dear old Granddad’s clock, he gave us this clock when we moved in together so it is something we will always treasure, he brought it back from a German Camp after the war. To him I suppose it represented what he went through in his part of protecting our country.

Styling Our Hallway , And Creating A Little Haven

And do you know the strange thing? It always worked, but it stopped around the time he died, we have taken it to several clock experts and they always get it going, but it only ever lasts a few days and then stops again. However it is so very precious to us, so we still keep it up proudly looking over us, and it’s a wonderful story to tell the boys.

I chose this gorgeous blue wool rug from the Land Of Rugs as I felt I needed something bright and cheery and I have to say I am thrilled with it, it matches my chair and colour scheme perfectly, and has become a firm favourite spot of Toby, and a great place so sit with coffee and spread out magazines and notebooks and jot down plans and ideas. I also must mention here that the service was super and the rug arrived within 5 days of ordering looking, very gorgeous and such great quality.

Styling Our Hallway , And Creating A Little Haven

My side tables would you believe are moulds of electrical components. Chris brought them home to burn on the fire! I persuaded him to let me try to make tables out of them, and I love them, they are so different. So we painted them with chalk paint and had tops made, I just adore how quirky they are. He now claims it was his idea all along!

Styling Our Hallway , And Creating A Little Haven

To finish off we ordered a vintage phone, but with buttons rather than a dial, can you imagine how long it would take to dial a modern phone number?

I also had a print made of some of my favourite Instagram shots, I love Instagram, and couldn’t believe when I looked back through my feed how many fab, unique shots I had, so now they grace my wall and make me smile every day.

Styling Our Hallway , And Creating A Little Haven

I am thrilled with my little chill space, it’s perfect for reading, snuggling, hiding from football and general contemplation of life kind of space. And the fact that our hallway has no TV, PC, or speakers means it is a real teen and tween free zone. Perfect for peaceful snuggles with overgrown lap-dog whilst drinking a cup of coffee and reading a magazine.

Styling Our Hallway , And Creating A Little Haven

Styling Our Hallway , And Creating A Little Haven

Styling Our Hallway , And Creating A Little Haven


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Styling My Hallway To Create A Haven

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