A Mark Warner Mum And Being Unable To Narrow Down A Travel Essentials List


Mark Warner I am sorry but we can’t do it? We can’t possibly narrow our holiday essentials down to 10. We have tried numerous ways to do this but just can’t agree. You see, we have teenagers…….

Me and Mine April,A Mark Warner Mum And Being Unable To Narrow Down A Travel Essentials List

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Well, a teen and a tween to be exact. Holidays stopped being a simple affair many years ago when this crazy pair started having opinions and started asking for input into where we travel. At first it was simple requests;  things such as ice cream and water sports. Now? Well, lets just say the teen market are a tough audience, but you know that don’t you Mark Warner? Throw a budding Steven Spielberg into the mix and you are asking for trouble.

Joe discovered he loved YouTube a month ago and is already in his own mind an expert. As soon as he heard about this brief he started planning his production. I have had to rein him in a little, well maybe a lot!  He wanted to film his holiday top 10 in John Lewis? I just didn’t fancy getting through all of that red tape, or indeed being escorted out of the Trafford Centre by security with an 11-year-old movie producer and giant orange rubber ring.  As much as I like to push myself for my children, there has to be a limit.

I did put a few suggestions and ideas on the table, they were taken to a family summit and put forward to the board.

This generally happens at the dinner table. Home made shepherds pie was on the menu so I anticipated good moods. I have learnt never to put forward suggestions on nights where roast chicken or corn in the cob is on the menu, it brings disastrous results! But it seems my idea’s’ were soppy, and of course Chris and the boys would be traveling with me, so I could not add them to my list of must take essentials. Jack rolling his eyes at the suggestion. And as they can’t drink alcohol, I could not make a cocktail in a Tom Cruise style post.

Chilling out with Nespresso Coffee and Cocktails ,A Mark Warner Mum And Being Unable To Narrow Down A Travel Essentials List

We were at stalemate! Eyeballing each other over shepherds pie.

Don’t they realise cocktails are an essential part of holidaying, especially with teens?

Holidays have changed so much, I remember the days of cute little matching outfits with pumps to match in beautiful bright colours. And looking forward to the mini disco. I could weep now as I realise their whole mini holiday wardrobes cost the same as 1 t-shirt these days. Because if it’s not the right brand then they aren’t wearing it!  I mean, is a Ralph Lauren t-shirt for by the pool really an essential Jack?

So the list is getting nowhere fast. And quite frankly we may need united nations to help us answer this question. I think they are taking this literally and worry that is the holiday they could end up with. Hence why cocktails , spa treatments, yoga and a Longchamp travel bag are all banned from the list. I am grossly outnumbered here and ending up with a list of sports, sports and more sports. Because if a holiday hasn’t got sporting options, then apparently it is not a holiday.

A Mark Warner Mum And Being Unable To Narrow Down A Travel Essentials List

Horse Riding In Burgundy,A Mark Warner Mum And Being Unable To Narrow Down A Travel Essentials List

Our Day on The Navigator Of The Seas, With Royal CaribbeanA Mark Warner Mum And Being Unable To Narrow Down A Travel Essentials List

Joe who now feels his production slipping away from him darts from the room and returns with 4 pieces of paper. He instructs us all to write our own personal  holiday essentials list. The only way to find that magic 10 is to pull them out of a hat.

And there lies the challenge of booking a holiday with sporty teenagers and parents who may like the finer things in life.

Our expectations are all so very different, we need a brand that fits us all, bringing our family together for the perfect FAMILY HOLIDAY. We are looking for a brand offering great surroundings, beautiful food, high quality sports, wi-fi and great cocktails. They are just a few of our holiday essentials.

I would love to say it’s all about the simple things, but if the resort isn’t right. Well, it doesn’t bear thinking about. Have you ever met a teen starved of wi-fi!!  Yes, it’s about being together, my little crazy family, but in the perfect place with great sports facilities.  And that my friends takes a lot of research. Hours of reading reviews and blogs and watching vlogs to check it is perfect. That it fits us and our expectations.

A Morning Walk On The Beach In Greece

And that is why we would love to be Mark Warner ambassadors, because the one thing we have found from this whole crazy exercise is that actually Mark Warner you fit. We just hope you feel we fit you too.

And to find out what the random golden 10 are from the Christie top 40 check out Joe and I drawing the definitive list. Wish me luck!




A Mark Warner Mum And Being Unable To Narrow Down A Travel Essentials List




30 thoughts on “A Mark Warner Mum And Being Unable To Narrow Down A Travel Essentials List”

  1. Hahaha!!!! Loved this! Especially — ‘can I have some?— NO’


    Keeping everything crossed for you lovely — MW couldn’t ask for a better ambassador. Although the boys/you might be pushing your luck asking for WiFi!!! Their Sardinian resort was heaven on earth — and one of the reasons was because it had very little WiFi!!! So nice to be off the grid for a week!!!!!! xxxx

    • Ah thanks so much Caro, I know little Monkey what with Toby trying to drink it too! I must say that appeals and they would be so busy with sports which is exactly what they need x

  2. Haha I think we would struggle too. I think you’d be a perfect fit for Mark Warner – your boys would LOVE all the activity! I’m also getting to the point where I appreciate the importance of wifi. Having spent years trying to stay off it whilst we were on holiday, I now panic about Maddie’s mood if we don’t have it. How can SO MUCH important stuff happen behind her back when she’s offline for a couple of hours??! 😉

    Good luck x

    • Ah thanks so much Helen, I know ha ha its like the world may end and they could miss it! Don’t you just love teens bless them, how would they cope with only red phone boxes for communication. I definitely need to keep them busy when we are away x

  3. Oh Sarah I love this and you really would be the perfect family for Mark Warner. How an earth did you only manage to pull out cocktails for you. I think the boys managed to get all their must haves didn’t they lol. I can tell from the video that Joe loves his swimming and inflatables. Best of luck lovely lady x

    • Ah thanks so much Tracey, as would you my friend. I know I do feel it was ever so slightly rigged in Joe’s favour ha ha x

  4. I love this post, made me chuckle when I watched the video. I love seeing your adventures and travels with your family so you guys would be so deserving of this xx


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