10 Reasons You Should Visit Lanzarote With Kids


Lanzarote has never ever been on my travel wish list. Why, because I judged it on rumours and hearsay?

The exact thing I try not to do in my every day life, yet I allowed my decision to be based on rumour alone. I am rolling my eyes at myself as I type. Ok in my defence if I was to ask almost anyone I know what they think of Lanzarote they would almost certainly say the same thing. Lanzagrotty, am I right? But this is so wrong on so many levels. The Island has been dealt an unfair card at the hands of rumour.

Looking out to sea in Lanzarote

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Last week I got the chance to visit this Lanzarote and find out for myself exactly what it has to offer. No gossip, no hearsay, just bunch of lovely travel bloggers and I exploring. Getting to the truth of years of rumours and we did just that. Explored the island looking for what is great and good for families’ young and old.

I have so much to share, discovered so many wonderful places, to visit, eat and stay. But first I want to dispel those myths and tell you why you should include Lanzarote in your travel plans for 2018. With a little planning and organisation you can see for yourself what it so wonderful about this beautiful vibrant island.

10 Reasons why you should visit Lanzarote With Kids

Lanzarote is only a 4 hours flight yet offers an average of 22ºC all year round. This can be slightly higher in the summer months however Lanzarote seems to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. Making it the perfect place to visit to get that much-needed winter sun.

Views from Castillo De San Jose and the Museum of International and Contemporary Art

There is no time difference. This is wonderful when traveling with children, those little body clocks are so sensitive and even an hour can play havoc with routines whilst traveling and at home. But also for us this means no diabetes medication changes, wow that makes life so much easier.

It has exceptionally low rainfall averages. November boasts 15mm average rainfall pm, compared to the UK and a whopping 63mm in London. If that’s not a reason to jump on a plane right now I have no idea what it?

There are 3 main tourist areas thus meaning the Island is not awash with tourists and maintains much of its natural beauty.

The Island has strict building controls in place, limiting the size of any construction (no high rises and nothing taller than a Canarian palm) there is one high-rise building on the Island, which I have to say, is spectacular. But being unique makes it special. The building laws mean that apart from the Arrecife Gran Hotel all other building are low-rise. No concrete jungle in Lanzarote, quite the opposite, it is the prettiest island.

Even the colours of houses on Lanzarote are tightly controlled. All buildings are painted white, with green shutters in the countryside and blue by the sea. Thus making the outlook, clean and oh so pretty.

The Volcanoes at Timanfya National Park Lanzarote

Top of the Volcanoes at Timanfya National Park Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a UNESCO site. In 1968 Timanfaya was declared a national park. In 1993, UNESCO designated a Biosphere reserve covering the whole of Lanzarote. The national park is one of the core areas of the biosphere reserve and the statue “El Diablo” by César Manrique is its symbol.

The art in Lanzarote is inspired. Cesar Manrique (The godfather of the island) started by creating the Jameos del Agua from a collapsed lava tube in 1966 and very quickly his influence and design genius spread all over the island.

Jameos Del Agua In Lanzarote, Lanzarote With Kids

The lava Tube at Jameos Del Agua In Lanzarote

From Inside Jameos Del Agua In Lanzarote

The Feature Pool at Jameos Del Agua In Lanzarote

Jameos del Aqua is undoubtedly one of the most breath-taking things I have ever seen. Its sheer existence and natural beauty had a profound effect on me. You can not visit Lanzarote without visiting this natural wonder. Top tip, I would book in advance and book a meal here. You WILL NOT regret it, just for the sheer beauty. We did not eat here, so I can’t say what the food is like. But if it is not spectacular I will be gobsmacked.

If you love diving, Lanzarote hosts Europe’s only underwater museum. We did not get time to visit this, but the work of Jason deCaires Tayor  promised to enchant lovers of art and diving alike.

The Island also offers a wealth of activities for families with children of all ages, a Cactus Gardenincredible gastronomy and delicious wine cultivated inof volcanic rock, thus meaning limited water is needed to grow the vines and the wine tastes amazing. But this is a whole other post.

What did I discover in Lanzarote?

That you should never listen to rumour, Lanzarote is an Island with the most wonderful people, rich in history and culture with some of the those incredible natural wonders that you just have to visit.

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The truth about Lanzarote and a look at what their is to do if you love art, history and culture




27 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Should Visit Lanzarote With Kids”

  1. I’d also heard the Lanzagrotty thing — so different from the experience there. The island seemed so well-preserved, so natural, with so much art and genuine welcome for visitors. I kept discovering things my teen would love throughout the course of the stay. #FamilyLanzarote

  2. Wow Sarah your pictures are beautiful and I loved following you on instagram stories. We have never been to any of the canary islands, and I love the idea that most of the buildings are low rise. I hate holidaying in a concrete jungle. Glad you had an amazing time x

  3. Ok… I’m rather embarrassed to say that I too had the same judgement on Lanzarote. Your SM photos made me question it and now this post! I had no idea there were such strict regulations and it really does sound beautiful. Plus, same time zone as the UK is always a winner! #MondayEscapes

  4. Been wanting to go to Lanzarote ever since I’ve heard about it on a TV show a few years back and now your post makes me wanna go even more. Such beautiful pictures!!! #MondayEscapes

  5. You make a very good argument for Lazarote! Same time zone and a constant 22 degrees got me! The moon landscape is absolutely fascinating too. I visited Gran Canaria years ago, but would love to see more of the Canaries. #mondayescapes

  6. I’ve started trying not to be so judgmental about places like this that before I would have just avoided (even though in reality I have little knowledge about them). I also often choose far flung destinations over places nearby, so my goal is to start exploring a little closer to home… #MondayEscapes

  7. When I mentioned Lanzarote to my daughter, she said that a lot of her classmates have been, and that she really wants to go. The reputation of the place is clearly changing! What a beautiful post – Jameos del Agua is now high up on my must-see list! #MondayEscapes

  8. That’s good to know re the building regs, if only other destinations had this policy in place. I love the sound of the landscapes and art. I’ve not visited Lanzarote but am tempted! #Mondayescapes

  9. What are the actual rumors about the island? I am not from Europe or the UK so, I am not getting what people say about it. For what I have seen in magazines and TV shows, Lanzarote looks like a very unique place. I guess it is for those who enjoy nature and the outdoors. Not sure how it is in terms of hotels or service infrastructure. #MondayEscapes

  10. Friend of mine lives in Lanzarotte, so I shed whatever negative impressions (yes, me too) I had about the place some time ago. And I;d definitely realised the weather is pretty much perfect all year round! But I hadn’t actually realised how much there is there for visitors. Well worth visiting I reckon.

  11. I too had the same misconceptions and they were totally blown away by what we saw in Lanzarote. Those volcanoes are just magnificent, and I love how everything is a UNESCO heritage site. The colours blue, green, white and the black of the lava rock, make it such a different landscape to what I’ve ever seen before.


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