Where To Eat In Lanzarote, 5 Unique Restaurants On The Island

For us a family, a huge part of travel is the food. The boys love trying out new and regional dishes; And there are many wonderful places to eat in Lanzarote.

They like to find extraordinary locations and great places to eat, this could be street food or a cool restaurant; it’s the adventure of discovery we all crave.

One thing we never go for is the ordinary, what’s the point in that? Travel is all about exploring food as well as regions. Hunting out new dishes to cook at home and encouraging the boys to develop their palates whilst looking for magical locations that you will ever forget.

On my recent trip to Lanzarote part of the trip was exploring the gastronomy on the Island. Of course there are options to book hotels with buffet food. Great for when you are on a family holiday with younger children. Or for those days that you just want to chill! But getting out and finding a blooming great restaurant is one of the best parts of travel. So if you are wondering where to eat in Lanzarote, then check out there fantastic unique hotels.

I wanted to share some of the best restaurants in Lanzarote.

Where to eat in Arrecife?

Star City Gastro Bar at the Arrecife Gran Hotel has a bistro and A’la’carte dining with sea views of Lanzarote.

The Arricife Gran Hotel blew me away, it is the sort of cool place I can imagine visiting as a family with teens. Having teens means cool wins every time and offering a rooftop pool and bar with the best view, puts the Arrecife Gran firmly in the cool category. The Hotel is the highest man-made building in Lanzarote; and has possibly the best view on the coast. With an offering of 4 restaurants to suit all budget and tastes,  we dined in the super hip Star City and Gastro Bar. Click for menus

Star Cafe at the Arrecife Gran Hotel Lanzarote

Sharing Dishes at Star Cafe at the Arrecife Gran Hotel Lanzarote

Star Cafe at the Arrecife Gran Hotel Lanzarote

As soon as you enter you can feel the vibe, which oozes style. And possessing a view of the beach and twinkling lights of the shoreline makes it great place to enjoy diner whilst you take in the sunset.

We were served the taster menu, all delicious which at €15 per person is a bargain. The menu also offers a great choice of dishes perfect for tapas type meals. I say this because I would want to order a huge selection and try it all.

Castillo De San Jose, Que Muac offers unique dining overlooking the sea.

Que Muac is located above the Museum at the Castillo De San Jose. Not only does it offer spectacular sea views, the restaurant feels as if it blends with the land. Being constructed from volcanic rocks, pathways of pebbles and a glass wall bringing the views inside the restaurant making Que Muac feel light airy and contemporary.

The food is just incredible; every dish I ate was delicious. The tuna was the most delicious I have ever eaten and wow the pina colada desert was divine. The Menu offers a choice of local dishes and snacks at great prices. And if you visit on Fridays and Saturdays, Qué MUAC dinners have video screenings of artists, and music in the background played by local Djs.

Que Mauc at the Restaurant Castillo De San Jose

Que Mauc at the Restaurant Castillo De San Jose

Dessert at the Que Muac Rastaurante Castillo De San Jose

Where to eat near Punta Mujeres?

Los Jameos Del Ague, A Restaurant In A Lava Tube in Lanzarote.

We did not dine a Los Jameos as there was a wedding on the day that we visited. The restaurant is located inside a volcanic tube, have you ever dined in a cave? Because that is exactly how it feel, like going back to the time of the Flintstones!

The beauty and setting had such an effect on me. Dining in such a breathtaking location such a Jemeo’s  is a must when you visit Lanzarote. It is up there as one of the most romantic restaurants I have ever visited. The beauty took my breath away, yet is a place you have to see to believe. I can’t imagine any photos ever doing the atmosphere justice?

Jameos Del Agua In Lanzarote

Los Jameos Del Ague Dine in a Volcanic Cave in Lanzarote

From Inside Jameos Del Agua In Lanzarote

The Feature Pool at Jameos Del Agua In Lanzarote

Where to eat at Timanfaya National Park?

El Diablo Restaurant at Timanfaya National Park is a restaurant on a volcano.

This is the ultimate BBQ restaurant, set amongst the breathtaking natural scenery of Timanfaya national park, which has thankfully maintained its natural unspoilt beauty. El Diablo offers a delicious array of meals, many cooked in fire pits built within the volcanoes walls. This is the first meal I have ever eaten cooked from the earth form geothermal energy and it was an incredible experience.

César Manrique the creator of the restaurant worked hard to maintain the natural feeling of the restaurant with a wall of glass offering views over the dramatic backdrop of the national park. It is the perfect place to enjoy the scenery and a long lazy lunch.

El Diablo Restaurant at Timanfaya National Park

Starter at El Diablo Restaurant at Timanfaya National Park

Chicken cooking on volcano heat at El Diablo Restaurant at Timanfaya National Park

The food is simple, but freshly cooked and delicious and I honestly cannot imagine it any other way, it is all about the source of the heat and enjoying great food cooked naturally. This is a great place to eat in Lanzarote with kids and teens it is such an education experience.

You cannot visit El Diablo without taking one of the bus tours around the volcano, which takes you on a tour through the moon like landscapes; check out Helen’s post to find out more about the tours.

Where to eat in Puerto del Carmen?

Open Air Cinema at the Rooftop Biosfera is the perfect open air restaurant a cocktail bar in Lanzarote.

The open-air cinema is much more of a snack bar offering panini’s, hot dogs and wraps.  Standard snacks that wouldn’t earn a place on a top restaurants post. However Rooftop Biosfera offers something a little different to the above eateries. What it is missing in innovative food and natural surroundings, it more than makes up for in the  cool contemporary design and fun factor. We did not dine, but did spend some time checking out just how cool the cinema is.

Rooftop Biosfera Cinema Lanzarote

The Starlight Cinema has to be on the list for the perfect evening of chilled family fun. It is Lanzarote’s only open air cinema and owner Martin has worked hard to ensure it is a contemporary space offering not only current films, but a great mix of family favourites and classics such as Mama Mia, perfect for cocktails and a sing-along on a balmy Lanzarote evening. And should you get peckish or thirsty during the film you can press a button to order snacks and drinks without leaving your seat and missing the film. This is a great place for dining with kids.

So there you have it 5 totally different dining experiences in Lanzarote all special for different reasons and all worthy of a place on your Lanzarote dining wish list.


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