Winter Boots For Country Living And City Visits From Hotter


A couple of weeks ago I nipped over to the Hotter store in Bury to try on a few pairs of winter boots, and choose a pair of warm winter boots to get me through the next season.

Ok, I like to have a choice of boots. But I also always have a go to pair that goes with everything. Which has to be comfy and warm, and no that’s not an age thing. Its a, I am miserable if my feet are cold thing. Age is in the mind, cold feet are not.

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warm winter boots

I have made the wrong footwear decisions too many times. Decisions that have resulted in misery. However, when I am feeling this, let’s call it feet misery? My mood can also descend onto others. So yes for me winter boots are a BIG DEAL.

The Hotter Experience

It’s years since I have had my feet measured, I felt like a child as I sat with my feet perched on the measuring gauge as Rachelle measured my feet. I mean did I really need my feet measured, I know my size?

Well guess what? I didn’t actually know my correct size. And one of my feet was half a size bigger than the other, who knew! I was borderline on width too, but Rachelle explained how to choose the correct pair of boots for maximum comfort. I had previously thought that you aimed for a tight fit that would loosen, totally wrong! You should go for a comfortable fit every time.

Review Of My Winter Boots From Hotter

After much deliberation, (there were several pairs of boots I loved) I chose the Tenby in Dark Tan. I figured that not only did they match my handbag, they were a great contrast for my lilac coat of dreams. Also they would work well at home in the county-side, but look great with a pair of jeans or dress if I do go into Manchester shopping. Additionally when I nip to London and back in a day my footwear has to be comfy.

Are hotter boots comfy

But reviewing winter boots is not all about liking a pair of boots and buying them. How did they perform, because that’s what we pay for? Fortunately the weather was on hand ready to put these babies to the test.

In fact, I am secretly glad the weather has turned, because these boots have not been off my feet. Is it just me that usually dreads winter and the whole shoe transition thing?

However, My Tenby Winter Boots Provide The Comfort And Warmth My Feet Crave For.

Last week as the rain and wind battered the UK, and the streets of Manchester was feeling the full force of autumn. My Tenby boots and I ventured into town with a friend for a spot of shopping, dinner and a show. Omg if you love the theatre then you have to see &Juliet! Anyhow, I digress.

Hotter Boots Review

I thought for about 5 seconds about wearing heels, but decided flat boots were the way forward. Boy was I glad of that decision.

There is always a danger that wearing boots that are great in the country in the town, that I will feel underdressed. But I’m thrilled to say that not only were my feet warm, comfortable and dry the boots look great.

Would I Recommend Hotter?

I kid you not, when I told one of my friends I had a pair of Hotter boots, she snorted and said old lady shoes! But as I breezed around Manchester, my feet snuggly and warm she took back her words and admitted the boots looked fab. Even mumbled she would wear them herself!

Also as a hairdresser my feet are so important, I am not sure if you have ever had a job where you spend 8 hours stood up? Shoes have to be comfortable and Hotter have so far stepped up to the mark. Hence I now need a salon pair!

But do they fit into country life? This is a resounding yes, I hate buying new shoes and then walk the dog and find out they leak! ( This has happened a LOT) Because when you live at the top of a hill the elements batter you. However when you have a dog there is no hiding away. You have to walk every single day despite the weather.

best boots for winter

I conclusion I am a total Hotter convert, there were many styles I could have chosen. My feet are happy and warm which means I am, and when we are out and about that makes a huge difference.

Disclaimer I was gifted my boots in return for an honest review, however you can’t argue with happy feet.

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