Why The Theatre Is A Wonderful Media For Families


There Is Something About The Theatre That Can Never Be Truly Replicated By The Silver Screen

It’s an unmistakable magic that only comes from live actors playing off the energy of the audience and transforming the stage into another world. A world where almost anything is possible.

In recent years, our children have become more and more obsessed with phones, the comparatively old-fashioned delights of the theatre appear to have become something of a niche concern amongst today’s youth. This is such a terrible shame, because there is so much that children can learn from the stage.

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If you’re on the fence about exposing your own family to the endless and eclectic delights of the stage, I have pulled together a few reasons why exposing your children to the magic of the theatre is a wonderful idea. And why it’s wonderful to get that passion for this phenomenal art flowing.

And as Andrew Lloyd Webber pointed out last year, schools are tragically forgoing the arts due to funding cuts. Thus closing that avenue of access for children in mainstream education. Meaning it is more important than ever to provide that exposure from home.

Theatre Tells The Story So Much Better

Whilst some of the greatest stage stories have been adapted from novels, history and even movies, such as Gregory Maguire’s Wicked or Roald Dahl’s Matilda.  The way a play or a musical is staged tells a story in a much more direct and cathartic way. A novel, whilst a wonderful form of discovery, tells a story in a more long-winded way, thus allowing the atmosphere to develop.  Whereas a live stage show creates an immediate visual and sensory impact, which can be very important indeed for children with short attention spans. 

The Educational Element Of A Well Written Show

Hamilton might be the biggest show in the world right now, but it’s also, at its heart, a very elaborate history lesson. The best theatrical experiences teach us not only about history, of course, but about the human condition, our part in the world and that, no matter how we might often feel; we are never alone. These are very powerful messages that every child should experience for themselves.

Theatre Opens A Whole New World Of Creativity

Theatre has created exciting career and hobby options for many children, many of whom turned out to be great actors and actresses of stage and screen. Taking a naturally creative child to the theatre can open up a whole new world. Helping them develop an appreciation for the arts might reveal a career path for them that they otherwise never dreamed possible. Careers aside, local theatre is a wonderful way to express creativity and meet new friends in a world that is ever dependant on online socialising. 

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Theatre Is A Great Escape From Reality

School life can be stressful, particularly in an age where social media means kids can never truly ‘switch off’ from their daily lives. The theatre offers an almost unparalleled escape route from the homework, the screens and the constant grind that is so much louder and more intense now than it was for any previous generation. It might sound cheesy, but taking your kids to the theatre, whether it’s a major West End production or a local amateur play, cannot only change the way they see the world, but it can offer them a truly transformative means of pure escapism.

The Negative Side Of The Theatre Is That It Can Prove Costly

However there are countless deals available on hit shows like School of Rock and Matilda (both particularly relevant for kids as they actually star kids) if you’re willing to look and it’s always worth taking a chance.

Santa has always left a family show ticket for us, perfect for combining with a family weekend in London or trip to Manchester and getting the chance to explore a little.

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My Festive Round Up

Indeed, if you can help them catch the right play at the right moment in their lives, you might just be able to create a theatre fan for life! Do you remember your first show? Mine was Cats and I have never looked back. 

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