White Christmas The Musical Review Manchester 2021


Last night I spent a night of pure escapism at the Palace Theatre Manchester watching White Christmas The Musical. Now I have never seen the movie, I know! It’s on my list for this Christmas now. I have been so excited to see the show, I mean what self respecting theatre fanatic doesn’t get excited at the prospect of a couple hours of nostalgic old school theatre?

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White Christmas The Musical Review Manchester 2021

What I can tell you is that White Christmas The Musical is everything I dreamed of and more. Additionally it is NOTHING like anything else I have seen this year. The thing is with theatre, there are so many genres, angles, most of them I adore. Some I avoid as I know that I just won’t love them! I go to the theatre to leave having felt something, each show brings a different emotion and mood.

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White Christmas did something none of the others did. Theatre is so often an immersive experience, you feel the feelings along with the whole audience, you are all in it together.

However, White Christmas The Musical did the opposite, it made me feel like I was in the theatre alone. Almost as if I was sat on a big comfy sofa in my pjs with a cup of Baileys coffee. With the tree lights twinkling and the fire roaring, just me and a giant screen filled with old school magic. A Magic that didn’t feel dated but a glorious representation of the everything that’s wonderful in theatre and movies.

White Christmas UK Tour Review Manchester Opera House 2021. The Start of the show Christmas Eve during the war as the soldiers sing Christmas songs to keep spirits high

What Is White Christmas About?

You join White Christmas on Christmas Eve in 1944. Bob Wallace (Matthew Jeans) and Phil Davis ( Dan Burton) are performing for their fellow US troops and General Henry Waverly (Duncan Smith) in a bid to raise morale. A long way from home and any sort of normal life, they find solace in performing.

Roll on to after the war and Wallace and Davis have found fame as performers. They find themselves being introduced to fellow performers, who are trying to make a name in show-business; Betty Haynes (Jessica Daley) and Judy Haynes (Emily Langham). There’s an instant spark between Betty and Phil who hatch a plan to travel to Vermont together, much to the annoyance of Bob and Judy who got off on a more than frosty footing.

Train Scene White Christmas UK Tour Review 2021

However when they arrive Bob and Phil discover the Pine Tree hotel is run by ex singing sensation Martha Watson (Sally Ann Triplett), General Waverly and visiting granddaughter Suzie Waverly (Ella Kemp). The hotel is in deep financial trouble and owner General Waverly is struggling with life outside the forces.

Bob and Phil hatch a plan to save the day, call in the troops and plan a Christmas extravaganza to save the hotel and their much loved General.

White Christmas Review 2021 Manchester Review

This Is The Ultimate Feel Good Festive Show

White Christmas is a tale of love, friendship, loyalty, determination and pure joy. If you want to see a show that makes you glow from the inside out then White Christmas is it. The set is seamless, it moved in an organised chaos that works so well and transitioned each scene.

Each number is like a glorious old school chorus, timed to perfection. If it had been a film I imagine it would have taken several shoots to get that level of perfection, it was wonderful and every character was lovable, every voice stunning.

I adored Ezekiel (Kraig Thornber) And Betty’s, Love You Didn’t Do Right By Me was stunning, it all was! But that was a favourite and White Christmas obviously.

White Christmas Uk tour 2021 review

You know that scene in Annie where Daddy Warbucks takes Annie to the movies for the first ever time and she is blown away? That’s how I felt the whole way though. White Christmas The Musical is like the warmest hug, full of festive vibes, old memories and stunning scenes of days gone by that just felt special, pure escapism. I smiled the whole way thorough.

White Christmas is showing at the Opera House until 4th December with tickets from £13.00. And then in Edinburgh over Christmas. If you love Christmas and old school theatre vibes that fill you with joy, then this is one not to miss.

The tickets were a gift in return for an honest review. But you can’t argue with a couple of hours of pure joy. Check out my theatre page for more theatre reviews.

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