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I don’t know about you but spring has such an effect on me? I start getting that itching feeling that I want to change things around the home. This year I have it bad; I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to change. And one thing I have noticed lately in my quest to find the perfect kitchen flooring is how many cool vinyl flooring designs there are on the market.

I must say I am seeing vinyl in a whole new light recently as we have just replaced our bathroom floor tiles with a trendy new vinyl floor. It looks so cool and modern, super easy to keep clean with no grout to scrub, and has most definitely made our bathroom feel so much warmer.

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This has got me thinking that maybe it is a great option for our kitchen?  Our kitchen is quite large with black gloss cabinets, and yet the flooring is a parquet wood effect tile. I hated it from the very moment I first saw it, we vowed to change it as soon as we moved in, but 6 years later the floor still remains. I still moan and groan every-time I have to scrub the grout, but have learnt to live with it, if I am honest still hate it as much as I ever did.

In my what seems eternal search for the perfect floor I have come across lots of options, but just cannot decide? I sometimes feel the only option is ripping the kitchen out and starting from scratch, but the fact is, I may not have chosen the kitchen and never would have, but it is a nice modern kitchen. And the cost of achieving exactly what I want is a cost for another year.

Here are my current favourites from Carpetright, all completely different styles and there lies the problem? How on earth have I come up with such a wonderfully diverse list, and how do I choose.

This Mardis Gras floor is just gorgeous and so on trend at the moment, I love the Parisian floor look, and feel with my black gloss units this would look just beautiful and totally brighten up the kitchen giving it a fresh modern look.

Whats Hot In Vinyl Flooring, Carpetright

The Stripes Vinyl is so cool, this is perfect for an ultra modern look in a kitchen, cool play area or in a chilled out office environment. I know this is a bit of a statement but I can really see this working.

Whats Hot In Vinyl Flooring, Carpetright
                                                                   SAFEGRIP 75 STRIPES VINYL FLOORING

The Barcelona Stone Effect flooring would work well, complimenting the black gloss and giving it a blended feeling yet giving me the opportunity to brighten the whole look with lots of white and gorgeous pastel colours.

Whats Hot In Vinyl Flooring, Carpetright

I just know that the addition of a vinyl floor will totally transform the whole feel and look of our kitchen, now all we have to do is make a decision and more importantly both agree on a design.

All images are courtesy of CarpetRight

18 thoughts on “Whats Hot In Vinyl Flooring ?”

  1. This is so funny as last week I was writing an article for an interiors magazine all about vinyl flooring! I personally love it, and lino too. There’s so many new techniques and super cool brands now that it is a really great inexpensive flooring option.


  2. I was also getting fed up with the look of my rental so I was looking for solutions on the internet 🙂 I found an amazing idea. Instead of redoing the whole kitchen or bathroom, there are stickers you can buy and put on the floor. It looks amazing, and it is perfect for a rental so that is a win win for me 🙂

    • ooh thats a great idea Ana, and yes you don’t want to be wasting money yet you want it to look great so a perfect solution x

  3. Wow who knew that vinyl could be so cool! I love the bathroom one and I actually rather like the stripes one too, I agree it would look really cool in a playroom for the kids. 🙂 #HomeEtc

  4. I love the mardi gras style. We are planning a mini bathroom makeover and want to replace the flooring. I think vinyl is the way to go, I had no idea there were so many great designs to inspire me #homeetc

  5. We could use some of this in our home! We have some dreadful tiled floors that need covering. The black and white works really well against the white bath xx

  6. I think this stuff is amazing!! I posted a similar piece recently about patterned vinyl — you absolutely can’t tell the difference these days can you?! It’s such good quality!! I absolutely love the Sagres flooring — just gorgeous 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with us lovely xx #HomeEtc


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