Ways To Incorporate Art Into The Home


Art is a very personal thing; it’s a subject that can be overwhelming, yet it does have to be. I have friends who have a favourite artist and have furnished their homes with works from a collection, and friends who work around a certain colour. Both styles look fabulous, but the key is finding your style and not being scared to experiment by using a bold piece or art. I tend you go with what takes my eye. I have no method; it’s all down to my personal choice.

Today I am going to share my favourite ways to add art into the home. I probably spent a little too long searching through the King & McGaw website but there is so much choice, and all so affordable, yet stylishly gorgeous.

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Create A Travel Wish list Or Showcase Places You Love

I spend my life thinking of travel, so it goes without saying that I must have travel related art in the home. There are so many options on the King & McGaw website, I felt like a child in sweet shop. I started out with black and white city prints. This is something we currently have in our home, set out in a gallery style. All black and white, but different layouts shapes and sizes and it looks great.

But these prints by Yoni Alter are just stunning, so contemporary and colourful. Perfect for using as a large framed piece or as a collection of smaller prints to decorate a wall ledge or create a gallery. Because of the vividness of the colours set against the plain background these would look great with most colour schemes.

5 Ways To Incorporate Art Into The Home

Go For A Bold Statement

Andy Warhol is a legend. His art, music his whole legacy, this silkscreen print show the vision this incredible artist had. His works grace collectors walls and galleries worldwide. Yet is accessible in the form of prints and silkscreen prints like this piece. A piece of art that needs no introduction, it speaks for itself.

5 Ways To Incorporate Art Into The Home

Keep It Simple

This Gelato print by Ana Zaja Petrak just makes me smile. It just adds a glorious pop of colour, I love everything about this print. It can be displayed in many ways, as it comes in many sizes on print and canvas. For me it would have to be the XXL canvas, as Gelato for me is everything that makes me happy in summertime.  This one image can evoke so many happy feelings and memories. Gelato is such a simple but beautiful piece of art.

5 Ways To Incorporate Art Into The Home

Create A Gallery Wall

I have been meaning to do this for years, create a Vogue Cover wall. There is nothing that depicts style like Vogue, and a perfectly aligned gallery wall of 9 prints would look stunning. Wall like this in my opining create discussion points and never fail to fascinate people. If I walked into a room with such a display I would be drawn to it, to inspect every single image, yet collectively they look stunning.

5 Ways To Incorporate Art Into The Home

And Finally Have Fun With Art

Art is something that should brighten up or enhance your home. It should make you smile every-time you look at it, and if you get bored? Move it to another room, swap it about and experiment. Introduce new pieces to gallery walls, or simply swap the wall about to change the dimension. But the key is don’t be overwhelmed when choosing art. when searching open every piece you love in a new tab, and go off first impressions. I guarantee you will end up with one or two pieces you love.

All images above  courtesy of King & McGaw

18 thoughts on “Ways To Incorporate Art Into The Home”

  1. Oh these are lovely, getting prints up is one of those things that is always on my to do list! I always have such good intentions and I spend forever browsing prints. I haven’t heard of King & McGaw so will have to have a browse. I love the ice cream one, might look into that in Lucas’ room, he is an ice cream monster! xx

    • Hayley they have some beautiful art and there is so much choice, I just loved browsing through and choosing my favourite, but I now want to buy loads x

  2. LOTS of ideas here – love the balloons!

    We are fans of word art in our house. I have a piece which features all of our favourite places to visit in Northumberland in the shape of a heart, then we have ‘and they lived happily ever after’ which is quite a statement piece plus song lyrics from ‘All My Life’ by the Foo Fighters and a Muse song.

    • Ooh I have a similar one that I made for Chris for our 20th anniversary of memories throughout our life, I love looking at it, instate it lovely to have something so meaningful. Although I do love the Andy Warhol print so much x

  3. I love the Gelato print. It would look cool in a kids bedroom or in a bright and airy bathroom. A gallery wall along our stairs is a long term plan but I’m not sure yet what style to go for.

    • Louisa, I love it so much but I think I would put it in my lounge it makes me smile so much. We have a places gallery, but it took me ages to decide x

    • Yes I agree, although I do have a photo wall which I love, I also adore art Rachel, I need a Vogue Cover wall I have wanted one for so long x

  4. I love the Warhol print — anything involving a bold typeface always floats my boat! They’ve got some lovely. love prints haven’t they? I couldn’t pick just one!! Thanks so much for linking up lovely! #HomeEtc is live from 6am tomorrow — I hope you’ll be able to join us! xx


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