Warwick Castle, The Perfect Family Day Out


On the last day of our recent incredible Q Hop we were up early to visit Warwick Castle.

It is part of a great deal offered as a package by the wonderful Chesford Grange. Which is a great hotel near Warwick Castle the package includes a 2 day ticket to Warwick Castle.


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If you haven’t visited Warwick Castle before, it really is a must place to visit. Based in Warwickshire, it is steeped in British History that is delivered in way that is so engaging and draws in audiences of all ages.



As we had visited before we wanted to target the Great Hall and the State Rooms.

There were not fully open last time we visited so I was desperate to see them. This part of the Castle is just incredible and takes you through a tour of History walking you through the war of the roses and the house of Neville. Right through to recent history to a Royal Weekend Party in the 19th Century.


This is a great way to involve children in history.

The boys were so interested in the artefacts, portraits and displays in the Castle. There was so much to see that you could actually spend most of the day in here.

The Royal Weekend Party is fantastic, it is staged with mannequins, and each room has a theme with recorded conversations playing over speakers. It is done in a way that we found ourselves hovering in rooms until conversations had finished before moving on to the next. It really was so very interesting.

warwick castle

After a spot of lunch (there are options to suit all budgets) we headed into the grounds to see the Trebuchet and the Flight of the Eagles. The boys absolutely love both of these shows as they do The Jousting.

The shows are lively and exciting and very well choreographed making you feel you are witnessing a piece of history.

We were so lucky the weather was glorious as we enjoyed the breathtaking Birds of flight, whist Jack and I desperately tried to get a great photo. Jack won the photography competition and to be honest has gloated ever since ha ha.



The boys were desperate to visit the Horrible Histories displays.

They are a great activity for kids. The whole horrible history concept are just genius, they have had the boys fully engaged and understanding history since a young age. It’s fantastic how they show history warts and all in way that kids just get.

Before this, history was delivered in such an unimaginative way that kids were just not interested. Throw in a bit of gore and grossness and you got the kids attention. In fact Jack knew the fate of all Henry the 8th Wives from a young age from this very show. Making it a great education place to take teens.

You can’t visit Warwick Castle without spending time walking round the manicured grounds.

I honestly will never ever get bored with this, they are stunning and feel so peaceful. It is great that wildlife roams free and the Peacocks walking amongst the visitors without a care in the world is wonderful to see. I cannot believe they even pose for photographs.

There is also lots of open space for kids to run about making it very family and toddler friendly.




This will not be our last visit. I totally get why people get annual passes for Warwick Castle as it truly is the most stunning representation of British History that is able to engage, excite and relax the whole family. Its a great family fun day out.

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7 thoughts on “Warwick Castle, The Perfect Family Day Out”

  1. Sounds like such a great day out, and I love the photo that Jack got of the bird, amazing! We love castles but our boys are a little young to really enjoy looking around them properly but I’m sure they would like a jousting show. It’s so great that you can have so much fun together as a family xx

    • Ah thanks Hayley, yes your boys would love the outdoor activities and the Horrible Histories, yes its so lovely seeing them grow and having fun along the way isn’t it x

  2. Love all your pictures Sarah. We used to visit Warwick Castle a lot when we had our Merlin Cards. It is such a lovely chilled out place, and my 2 loved visiting. I would love to return and stay in the Glamping Village which looks amazing x

    • Oh yes, although we did love the Chesford Grange and it was so close. I just love Warwick Castle it feels so historical, so much to see and do, yet so much fun xx

    • I know Karen how exciting that there is so much to see, I am a little scared of peacocks but this one was quite tame x


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