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Ok I have been talking non stop travel for the last couple of weeks, can’t you telling I am craving a bit of sunshine? Well a LOT of sunshine!

I have also been doing a little research and are able to offer these top eating in Spain tips to make family trips more relaxed and look at fussy kids and kids food in Spain.

It’s no secret that good food and trying out new things when we travel is a big deal in the Christie household. The law was set many years ago after spending countless holidays on pins because the boys, (mostly Jack, sorry Jack you know it’s true?) would exist on bread, ham chess and apples. So the law was decreed and we all had to try something new every single day of our holidays. It revolutionised the way the boys ate and the things they tried. And eating in Spain and other countries became so much easier.

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And the braver we got with our adventurous kids, the better food experiences we had. On our last cruise Joe ate his body weight in escargot, the first time he asked for it the waiter did a double take, as he did to him eating his steak medium rare. Oh how times have changed since those fussy days?

Que Mauc at the Restaurant Castillo De San Jose
Dessert at the Que Muac Rastaurante Castillo De San Jose

Food tourism is just as important as discovering and exploring castles, and beaches, local food speaks volumes about a region.

Whether it’s a corn dog in New York, escargot in France or eating in Spain and enjoying tapas, flavours form a huge part of travel. And whilst there a those kids out there that are just not ready to try new things. I would urge you to start encouraging, leading the way and trying out new and exciting regional dishes.

Spain offers so many great foodie experiences.

It also offers something to suit all of the family, whether it’s a huge dish of paella, one of my favourite ever meals! trying Kids food in Spain or lots of samples of tapas that give a choice and diversity of flavours. There really is something to suit everybody.

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Many fine dining restaurants offer tasting menus which is the perfect way to try loads of new local dishes without feeling committed to one meal. I am that person that always regrets my food choice, in favour of someone elses.

And if fine dining is not your thing then no one does street food like the Spanish do! Some families just don’t enjoy sit down formal dining and love to eat and go. But eating in Spain with a family is easy.

One size does not fit all with food, and Spain does a great job of accommodating families of all shapes, sizes and preferences. Enjoying eating in Spain is a great place to start.

With that in mind I have shared foodie tips from friends of mine who are not only parents, but foodie and travel experts. Check out my Spain For Foodie Families post over at BritMums’

Food onboard Celebrity Silhouette

And here are my tops tips for coping with picky eaters and turning our kids into travelling foodies and try kids food in Spain


  • Before you travel get the kids to research where they are going. Highlight things they would like to see, do and eat, make them want to try it before they even travel. ( Joe was excited about eating frogs legs before he travelled to France! He had built his own hype)
  • Try cooking a regional dish before you travel, make kids feel they own a local dish, that they are already foodie adventurers before they travel.
  • Set a rule to encourage everyone to try a new thing each day. Our rule states that you don’t have to finish a meal but you must try it. All of us!
  • A great way of doing this is ordering a side of something you all want to try.
  • Make it clear you will not be going to fast food establishments when you travel abroad.
  • Make trying new food an adventure, not a battle, if its fun the kids will engage.
  • Do a food treasure hunt for your trip.
  • Try lots of local, regional restaurants, the atmosphere is a great way to encourage kids to try new things.
  • There will be things they don’t want to eat so have a back up plan, order a side of rice and vegetables or breads as back up.
  • And relax, its trial and error, things do go wrong, kids do get grumpy but that’s parenting, right? And we really need to choose out battles and enjoy travelling.

This post is part of a paid project with Spain, promoting family travel across the country. All opinions are my own with a little help from some trusted friends and travel blogging parents. 

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  1. Some great tips, when we went to Spain last summer all my little girl ate was bread rolls, cheese, ham and sweetcorn at every meal time as she is a picky eater. I am hoping she will try more foods next time we go away as me and her dad enjoying trying new foods and adore tapas x


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