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I think I am a serial mover! Is there such a thing? I am answering my own question here but yes that is ME! We said when we moved into our little house in the country that was our last move, we were wrong, AGAIN

When we put our little home on the market this time our family and friends rolled their eyes. In fact they have all being saying for a while we are due a move. But we were adamant that it would happen. Then just like that out of the blue we made the decision again.

And here is my problem, once a home stops serving it purpose. Once our needs change I am quite clinical about it, its time to move on. I am sure when I lock the door for the last time I will feel all the emotions. But for now I am loving the excitement of house hunting.y new house will be all about the kitchen. And trying to decide where will be our next family home. Of course we have to sell our home first, but I do like to be aware of what is on the market so when the times comes we can make a more informed choice.

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For me home is where my family is, our house is a shell that is serving a purpose. I have yet to find the home that grows with my family. Maybe I am too fussy, but at first it was being in the right area for primary school, then high school, now work, college, transport links. The goalpost constantly changes.

And then there is the packing! All of those prized possessions that take weeks to pack up, and not very long to unpack into their new place. That always baffles me! Anyhow I feel I have expert status when it comes to all things packing so wanted to share my top tips for packing up and moving. It’s an exciting but stressful time and the more prepared and organised you are the better.

Creating A Vintage Yet Modern Dining Space

Here are my top tips for packing up your home to move.

Book a removal company as soon as you get a date. Great removal companies are always busy. We once had the worse man with a van ever! Never again they were inefficient, rude and careless with our possessions. Book early and save yourself the grief.

Compare prices to get a great deal, Getamover offers great tips and advice on what to look for in a reliable removal company, but also offers a comparison service to get the best possible deal from a reputable company.

Bulk buy quality heavy-duty boxes you can purchase moving packs thorough your removal company. Amazon also offers great deals.

Use bubble wrap, not newspaper, it may save money but is a false economy as it all needs washing when you un-wrap it.

Label boxes as you pack them. I generally label describing the contents and the destination room. This makes it so much easier at the other end.

I also label if the box is a priority or whether it can wait. This saves time in the first week. Low priority boxes can be stacked in the relevant room, but left for a week. It’s the essentials you will need in that first week, not your best wine glasses you save for dinner parties or cake tins. These can wait until you are ready.

Wardrobe boxes are also a great investment; you need to be able to find your clothes but may not have time to unpack them. Hanging wardrobe boxes are fantastic and enable you to quickly transfer your clothes prior to moving whilst still being able to get to essential items.

Obvious, but pack a separate box full of immediate essentials, mugs, tea, coffee, cleaning products and clothes, hand soap, kettle, bottle of fizz and glasses for when you get the keys to your new home. Is it just me that likes to do a little toast when we finally get in the door of our new home? Hmmm I do move too much don’t I, I have moving traditions?

A little organisation makes moving home so much easier, there are so many areas to stress over that if there are ways we can reduce stress then they are worth considering.




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  1. Totally agree with you here. My husband and I had made the biggest mistake of not doing our research well in advance when we had moved out recently. We had a lot of damaged furniture, clothes, etc as a result. Never again…will definitely keep some of these tips in mind! Thanks & Cheers! 🙂


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