Top 8 Interior Design Ideas for a Studio 


To figure out how to furnish a studio apartment, one needs to balance the specific floor plan of the flat with their basic needs, and storage requirements. With some ingenuity and resourcefulness, a studio apartment owner can design their place in not only a fashionable manner but also using every available inch. It is essential to place an emphasis on utility and make use of deft design techniques to create the illusion that the space is larger than it is.

Studio apartment owners can make a cramped apartment more aesthetically pleasing with ingenious apartment layout design concepts that minimize space. With a wide range of property to rent, potential house owners can access house listings on rent platforms to check what kind of housing is available. On Rentola UK for example, which offers access to full description of the apartments listed in Stevenage, and other cities in the UK, it is easily possible that one can find their preferred choice of apartment online. Irrespective of the house style and no matter the size of the apartment, tenants can adopt some interior designs to lift the face of their home. This guide explores top interior design ideas specific to studio apartments.

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Interior Design Tips to Furnish a Studio 

Homeowners may take the decor of their apartment to the next level by following these tips on how to make the most of the space they have:

1. Use Multi-purpose Furniture 

Using multi-purpose furniture in a studio apartment is a great way to save space and assist in keeping the apartment organised. Some examples of multi-purpose furniture include bookshelf room dividers, storage headboards, and tables for cocktails and drinks with lift-tops. Some items of furniture and ornamentation, such as antique trunks or ornamental blanket ladders, can also serve as storage space.

Take your time and carefully analyse exactly how many purposes a piece of multi-purpose furniture may fill before making a purchase decision. Eliminating clutter in a studio apartment can be accomplished efficiently by furnishing it with furniture that serves more than one purpose.  

2. Employ the Use of a Room Divider

If one can make structural adjustments to the layout of their studio apartment, then a half wall can help establish a division between a living room and bedroom while still maintaining a light, bright, and spacious place. Alternatively, use a room divider. Using light hues, translucent drapes, and a select number of constant colour accents helps to create the illusion that the studio is larger than it is. 

3. Be Creative with Painting 

If a renter can paint the walls of their apartment, they can select hues that will help them feel more at home. While lighter colors, such as white, light gray, or beige, reflect more light and give the impression that the studio apartment is larger, darker hues draw attention to the warm and inviting atmosphere of the space. Studio apartment owners can experiment with the décor of their home until they find a color scheme that complements their sense of personal flair.

Adding An Art Wall And A Little Colour With Wayfair

4. Bring in Artwork

Including sizable works of art as part of the decor in a studio apartment is a straightforward method for adding colour to the walls and drawing attention to the living area. If one decides to go this route, they can choose the best art pieces that aren’t too heavy to move around easily so they can place them on and off the shelf as necessary. A trendy and contemporary look can be achieved by leaning exceptionally large works of art against the wall while they are displayed on the floor. 

5. Invest in Lighting

Lighting has a significant impact on both the appearance and the atmosphere of a room. It is possible to improve the space by including numerous sources of light, which can serve to define tones, carve out nooks, and give the impression that smaller areas are larger. Hang lights from the ceiling or install them directly on the walls instead of using side tables and floor space for lighting. This will save space.

The living room is a perfect place to take advantage of swing-arm wall light fixtures since they allow one to make several adjustments to the lighting without taking up valuable floor space. To create visual interest in the space, try hanging lights at varying heights. Use a ceiling fixture along with floor lamps, so lighting may be set to the appropriate levels to create a certain mood.


There are several methods to build a fashionable and pleasant studio apartment. One way to maximise space is to employ multi-functional furniture and light and colour to give the sense of a larger room. Other techniques include altering the room to fit additional guests. Whether one is beginning from scratch or trying to give their studio a fresh look, keep these concepts in mind to assist in creating a cozy and appealing space. One just needs a little ingenuity to turn their studio into a home that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

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