The Gin Workshop At Cuckoo Gin Brindle


Last week Karen and I took part in the Gin Workshop over at The Brindle Distillery in Lancashire. If you are a lover of gin then this fascinating gin distilling workshop is one to add to the list.

The Gin Workshop is focused around how Brindle Distillery have grown their award winning brand in the competitive UK gin market.

The workshop starts with a welcome cocktail and finding out about the history behind the distillery and what their passions and aims are for the future. Also how that have worked to build a brand that makes its own gin from scratch. Brindle are 1 of only 8 gin companies to have done this in the UK and have gone onto win several awards in a short time. You can now buy Cuckoo gin in Booths and Selfridges as-well as direct from Brindle Distillery.

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Cuckoo Gin Tour
The Bar At Cuckoo Gin
Cuckoo Gin Tasting

As the evening progresses you get the chance to try out perfect serves of Cuckoo gin’s 3 gins. Signature Gin, Spiced Gin and Sunshine Gin. All delicious, but very different. My personal favourite being the sunshine gin which is so fresh and light and how can you not love that bottle?

You are also able to get up close and see where the gin is made, and find out how they work to keep the distillery as environmentally friendly and in keeping with Holmes farm as possible. Sustainability is a huge deal to Brindle.

The Highlight Of The Evening Was Getting To Design And Distill Your Own Gin

Distilling my own gin was not something I had ever thought was a possibility. And I have to say I really felt the pressure of getting it right, and making a gin I could bring home and be proud of. However Tom and Jack were on hand to help out with flavours and measuring the botanicals to get the exact flavour we wanted to achieve.

Choosing Botanicals For Gin
Gin Botanicals at Cuckoo Gin

I had a strong idea of how I wanted my gin to taste, I love citrus but not too bitter and with the help of the guys was able to add botanicals to compliment my flavours. Once the recipe was ready it was added to a miniature gin distiller. As my recipe bubbled away I was thinking this would be great in my new kitchen. Can you imagine being able to just whip up a gin recipe?

As the gin distilled we got the chance to ask questions, and record our recipes, oh and try out another gin, before bottling, labelling and trying out our own creations. Of course the only possible contender for a name was Extraordinary Gin and it tasted blooming amazing.

This is definitly not an event I would recommend driving to as a huge part of the fun is trying out the gin and you really don’t want to miss that.

Gin tasting at Brindle Distillery

The Brindle Gin Workshop costs £95 and is a 3 hour session.

The taster gins ( Which are not small measures) are included in the price, as is a light snack and the distill your own gin experience which I have to say I loved.

If you are local get a lift and if not there are plenty of hotels not too far away. But I promise if you love gin this is a fantastic experience.

Disclaimer, I was gifted the gin experience. However all thoughts are my own and you can’t argue with award wining gin and getting the chance to make your own gin blend.

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  1. It must have been great fun blending the Gin to your very own specifications. I’m not a drinker myself but as usual your photos are fab and make it look a great experience or gift for a gin lover.


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