Ten Ways NOT to Deal With A Hypo! And I Have Done Them All!


Learning how to deal with Type 1 Diabetes is a real learning curve, one that I am still on. I have made some silly mistakes. Some, on reflection, absolutely ridiculous mistakes. But as I am totally comfortable with my non-perfectness. I am willing to share them so others can learn from my mistakes.

However when you start reading, I know you will think; No-one is that stupid, or as if you would do that? It’s amazing what you do in panic mode.

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So here goes, don’t judge me or call child-line, I do genuinely do my best and most days do very well.

But here are my; Top mistakes, when dealing with hypo’s

  1. Do not throw your purse at the shop assistant, say I will be back in a minute grab a Mars bar and run out.(I think I scared the living daylights out of the Man in the shop)
  2. Food is not the best thing for aHypo, mars bars don’t really help. Get lucozade or full fat coke.
  3. Don’t get offended if the person in the Hypo is rude to you. They can’t help it, being stroppy is definitely a sign that Jacks sugar levels are dropping. It is better to test his sugar, rather than to argue back.
  4. Don’t open the front door to the Tesco delivery man and frantically scream; have you got any lucozade on that van (Again on this occasion, I do believe I frightened the living daylights out of this man.)
  5. Don’t administer a whole bottle of lucozade or glucogel, do it a bit at a time and test at intervals, this way you won’t send them into a Hyper State.
  6. Whilst waiting for sugar levels to rise, DO NOT dance around the lounge singing Viva Las Vegas, god only knows why I did it. Of course it didn’t help, I can’t even sing.
  7. Don’t keep asking them if they feel ok, no they don’t, they feel rubbish, and at this stage you are probably doing their head in.
  8. Don’t panic  I have learnt with experience to keep calm, it is so important to have a level head to deal with it quickly and effectively.
  9. Don’t go out without a supply of snacks and energy drinks, this way a hypo will be totally avoided.
  10. Don’t feel overwhelmed by it, grab diabetes by the horns and control it the best you can. Don’t let it control you.

There you have it, Sarah’s survival guide, on how not to deal with a Hypo. Don’t get me wrong I have had all the best medical support on offer, but as a human you make mistakes!

Those were mine, thankfully I have learnt from then so shop assistants and delivery drivers everywhere are now safe.  I am happy to say and very lucky; that have a very well-balanced Teenager who copes with diabetes just brilliantly.

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21 thoughts on “Ten Ways NOT to Deal With A Hypo! And I Have Done Them All!”

    • Ha ha I know I don’t know what came over me Helen, but all the rest is not as bad once its over and you have coped with it I promise, You learn from your mistakes don’t you, I never go anywhere without lucozade and always have a supply at home x

  1. Wow sounds very scary! And yet funny! You’ve been amazing dealing with this – hats off to you! I think I’d be an emotional wreck all the time. I didn’t realise that chocolate bars aren’t best. I really thought that was ideal. Great post and you have made it so readable too xx

    • Thanks Jess, yes I can laugh now I am through it, and do you know what you just get used to it, it is part of my wonderful teen so I have to love it like the rest of him. If I could get a cure I would tomorrow but we live with it well and hope we can continue that x

  2. Haha fab post Sarah. My mum is terrible on a hypo, she behaves like a naughty little girl and sometimes won’t accept she’s having one and refuses to eat or drink anything! We’ve had to call the ambulance a few times, once when she was naked! A tad embarrassing when she eventually ‘came to’. It must be so tough having a child with diabetes though. As parents we worry anyway but you have even more to worry about. It sounds like you’re brilliant with is though. xx

    • Ah thank you, Jack can be exactly the same Tor, so frustrating but he cant help it? But we re lucky haven’t needed an ambulance so far touch wood.

  3. I can’t imagine how scary it must be when dealing with a hypo. Fab tips, although the “Viva Las Vegas” moment sounds a bit crazy!

    Thanks for joining in with #SundayStars x

    • Ha ha Karen I don’t know what came over me I just panicked tried to keep him conscious as if that ever would have helped, fortunately we haven’t had a repeat performance x


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