Things To Do At Epcot With Teens


I have to say, Epcot is my favourite of all of the amazing Disney parks. I think it is because being at Epcot is like being in a perfect world. The atmosphere is just incredible making it a great place to visit with teens.

Disney work so hard to ensure the environment at Epcot is as authentic as possible, many of the staff working in the world showcase are native to the country in which they work in. This makes Epcot a wonderful family day with an amazing, authentic vibe.

Things To Do At Epcot With Teens and the Epcot Globe

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There is so much I love about Epcot that whittling it down to my top ten was incredibly difficult.

Wondering what to do at Epcot? Here are my top 10 activities for a great family day.

Ride Soarin, this is the most exhilarating ride giving you world-wide views in minutes.

We had used one of our FastPass selections for Soarin and were not disappointed. I just loved the ride from start to finish. When we first went into the theatre and boarded the ride it did not look very exciting. But wow it was incredible, I honestly felt like I was flying. We have never rode Saorin before, just dismissed it, but this is not a ride to be missed.

Things To Do At Epcot With Teens

Try Out Test Track, this was another of our FastPass selections; Test Track is every car lovers  dream,  car mad kids and teens love Test Track.

Chris and the boys were in their element designing their own car. I went for style whilst they went for speed; to be honest it all got a little competitive. I thought the ride on the track would be tame but trust me it’s not and is well worth riding.

Brave Mission Space, there are two routes on Mission Space.

You get to ride on your own spaceship into orbit in a NASA style, training ride. I will admit we started out on the orange route, this was high intensity, but as soon as we saw the sick bags I panicked and made everyone get off and ride the tamer green route. This was enough for me ha ha, but still a fab ride.

Things To Do At Epcot With Teens

Meet Your Favourite Characters, what I love about the character meet and greet at Epcot is that it is indoors and air.

Perfect for cooling down when it’s scorching outside, and rainy days at Disney! We did not book a FastPass so had to queue for a little while, but we were so hot we were glad of the rest. We were able to hop from one character to the next comfortably and nice and cool.

 Meeting Minnie Mouse With Teens at Epcot

And because it was cool the characters were able to last longer without swapping, when you are melting in a queue it is soul-destroying when you get to the front and the character pops of for a break. Of course they need that break it is hot. And this for me is why the indoor meet and greets are so much better.

Enjoy a Glass of Champagne in France; you cannot visit France In Epcot without stopping for a glass of pink champagne.

And on a hot hot day it tastes even better. I love sitting in France and people watching, the atmosphere in France feel so romantic, I could honestly sit there all day.

Visiting Paris at Epcot

Paris in the round the world showcase

Enjoy an Ice Cream in Italy; you also cannot visit Italy in Epcot and not enjoy Gelato

It blows my mind how Disney has managed to get the World Showcase so perfectly right. The whole atmosphere as you walk around the World in a day is incredible, and something I could never get bored with.

Open an Oyster in search of a pearl in Japan, when Joe said he wanted to open and oyster in Japan I tried to talk him out of it, as I thought it was a waste on money. However this is a real highlight of Epcot Japan

I think it was around $30 and he wanted to use his holiday money to pay. But do you know what? It was such a wonderful experience for him he was so excited. And the ladies that work on the Oyster station at Epcot make such a huge deal of it, that I am so glad we allowed him to make this special little memory. The Oyster he won was valued at $35, which we have put away for him for when he is older as a little memory.

Buying a Oyster at Japan at Epcot Walt Disney World

Finding a pearl in an oyster at Japan in the Epcot around the world showcase

Take your time and take in the sights, every where you look at Epcot there is something spectacular to see.

The detail at Epcot is just incredible, everywhere you looks there is something amazing to see. Magnificent details in every corner, for me the key to Epcot is taking your time and absorbing all the detail, the atmosphere and the incredible Disney-fication of the world.

Visiting Japan at Epcot With Teens

Visiting the USA and the White House at Epcot With Teens

The Sun Setting behind the clouds at Epcot

Visiting the UK in the around the world showcase at Epcot

Where to watch the IllumiNations Reflections of Earth fireworks from?

You can watch them with the rest of the crowds as we have done in previous years, which has its benefits such as quick exit from the park, and a great atmosphere.

Things To Do At Epcot With Teens

Visiting England at Epcot

Visiting Germany in the around the world showcase at Epcot

Things To Do At Epcot With Teens

This time we booked a table at the Rose and Crown English Pub, now I do tend to avoid English Pubs when traveling abroad, but the Rose and Crown is an old style pub set on the lake, its like taking a step back in time. If you book a table overlooking the lake you have the perfect dinner view of the Epcot fireworks. We enjoyed our meal as the fireworks lit the sky around us, it was the most wonderful vantage point and one I would thoroughly recommend.

And lastly, even if you don’t stay for the IllumiNations, which you would be mad to miss, stay at Epcot until its dark, the sight of the Spaceship Earth Sphere at night is just breathtaking; the way it is lit is just stunning.

The Epcot globe lit up at night
So there you have it; 10 things we love about Epcot. It is so different to the other Disney theme parks but in the most wonderful way.  It’s a must  theme park to fit into your Disney World Schedule. And that is what I love about Walt Disney World.

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12 thoughts on “Things To Do At Epcot With Teens”

  1. I love the whole vibe of Epcot. We tend to do it in 2 stages. First visit do the rides and then the second to wander around the World Showcase. Love just taking in all of the different countries. The attention to detail is just amazing, as you would expect from Disney. Though Soarin made me feel really sick for about an hour after. Damn motion sickness xx

  2. Awww I love reading Disney posts! We lived in the Caribbean when our daughters were young and made a few trips to Florida, including a couple to Disney (and then we made one more on another trip over from the UK). Now they are older, we still go to Florida as my brother-in-law lives there but tend to do Universal, Busch Gardens etc. However, my memories of Disney are inter-tangled with nostalgia for having my big girls (now 10 and 8) as toddlers and baby’s again. There are also a few rides in Disney we didn’t do with them because they were too young so we do have reason to go back!

    I think my favourite Epcot memory is meeting the princesses at the Norwegian restaurant when my youngest daughter was at the height of her Princess madness, and then coming out to meet the Beast! #Mondayescapes

    • Ah Clara I loved meeting the Beast it was like he was real, it took my breath away. I must say I think we have done it all at Disney but would do it all again. But we just loved Universal too, I really want to visit and stay there next time x

  3. Love the idea of finding your own Oyster Pearl – I would have been reluctant to pay $30 too but after thinking about it, it is kind of a once in a lifetime thing and better than a commercial gift from the gift shop I think.

    • Allison it is just the most wonderful place and my favourite Disney Park I love Epcot and the Oyster was so much fun x


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