Having A Bear As A Pet And The Dyson V8 Cordless Vac


I have been blogging for 3 & 1/2 years now and I don’t really have a niche at all. I have tried to find one tried to fit in. But that is a bit like fitting square peg in a round hole. I am me, flittery and flighty and always have a new favourite thing.

When I say I don’t fit in, don’t get me wrong, I am accepted in a several lovely communities, blogging on the whole is a very accepting profession. And yes we can call it that; I have met and worked with some professional inspiring people in my time in this crazy world. But you wouldn’t be surprised to see me at a travel event or parenting or crafting event because I have no niche.

But I have to say, I have always been quite precious about what I write about, does it fit, is it me, is it cool enough, will the boys roll their eyes?

Learning About Dyson Technology with Curry's

Learning About Dyson Technology with Curry's

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Then I was offered the Dyson V8 Animal and I had to really think about it, I mean it’s a vacuum. Should I do it?  I had written about a Dyson event before but that was from an educational angle. But I had a massive talk with myself. For goodness sake I vacuum every single day of my life. If I didn’t we would be up to our necks in fur, literally. Of course I am going to talk about something that makes my life easier. And life isn’t always about the extraordinary, sometimes the little things matter.

We have had Dyson’s all our married life; it’s always been something I wouldn’t compromise on because in my opinion they are blooming amazing. Always a cylinder in several shapes and forms. They are easy to use and do the job.

And then we got a bear and had to vacuum every single day.

A Walk in the Woods 1

My Sunday Photo A Winters Walk

I kid you not the RSPCA description said dog, in the picture he was tiny. Ah a little lap dog,  just what I wanted. I would maybe even carry him in my handbag. Then we went to see him! God only knows what angle the photo was from, because the little lap dog was actually a  20kg medium-sized bear.

And it was too late I had already fallen in love with him.

Not taking him home was never an option. You can’t help who you fall in love with can you? He very quickly became my replacement toddler. As Chris looked on rolling his eyes saying this is not what I signed up for.

So we have loved him, trained him so he no longer runs away and is no longer terrified of noises or quick movements. He was 14 months when we brought him home, he had been beaten, starved and so badly abused and then re-homed twice. One family sent him back because he is too messy. I kid you not! The second was bad luck the lady was so allergic to him she ended up in hospital. We were his 4th chance at happiness.

Talking About Something I Always Said I Wouldn't, Vacuum's

My Weekly Round Up, Blur!

Now he is a pampered pooch, he has a blanket on the sofa, yet still insists on fitting his giant body on my knee’s at night.

But he is messy; he loves mud, especially rolling in it. He molts like something you have never seen and actually produces fur tumble weed around our home daily.

All we do is vac up after him. So when I was offered A Cordless Dyson V8 Animal  I thought do you know what I need all the help I can get here? To have something quick and nippy to help keep up with life with a small bear! At first the charge didn’t last long, not long enough to keep up with fur balls. But I had no idea the charge gradually builds, did you? But yes the more you use it the longer the charge seems to get.

Now we fall out over the cordless vac on housework days. It is so powerful and easy to use and lasts about 30-40 minutes. It has as much power as my cylinder Dyson but has the added bonus that it is easy to grab and use quickly.

And here is the amazing thing, if the boys make a mess, they reach for the cordless vac and clean up themselves. The first time I witnessed this I had to sit down! They would have never opened the cupboard and got the other Dyson out.

I suppose that takes me back to the beginning. My new favourite thing is this amazing Dyson V8 cordless vacuum, I would recommend anyone with a small bear, very hairy dog or messy kids to get one. It even has grown men arguing over using it and teenagers tidying up after themselves,  if I had know that I would have bought one years ago.

And yes I am a mum and I do need to vac and tidy daily. As such I am proud to talk about things that make life a little easier. And thank my lucky stars we found our little bear, despite the mess and chaos he lives in. He fits right in here!


6 thoughts on “Having A Bear As A Pet And The Dyson V8 Cordless Vac”

  1. Aw I love that Toby eventually found his forever home with the Christies, and you can just tell he totally fits in with your family and is so loved. We really need a new vacuum as our huge orange vax, which is 16 years old and has tape around the nozzle is certainly not the best nowadays x

  2. Hi Sarah, Bear is a very lucky dog and he looks so content in your lovely photos. Finding a vacuum cleaner that can cope with dog hair is like finding gold dust. I actually gave up on vacuuming as none was ever good enough to get up all the dogs hair (we have five, luckily two don’t molt, one’s short haired, one’s long haired but not too hairy and last, but not least is Buddy, our big black bear with thick, long hair!). I took to sweeping our rugs instead, which is so good for bingo wings!… I’m seriously going to check out the Dyson V8 Animal!



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