Swyft Armchair Review And Unboxing


I know I haven’t really talked about this much……. But we have nearly finished our garden room!….. Ok, Ok I know its all I talk about at the moment, but there’s a lot to think about. And we are a finger tip away from it all being completely finished. For me, adding the finishing touches is totally the best bit. And today I want to share my Flatpack Swyft Armchair Review. This chair, our new addition to the garden room has brought so much joy already.

Swyft Armchair Review

I honestly never in my life thought I would buy a flat packed chair, I mean why would you? Well, that’s where I was totally wrong.

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Now I have this gorgeous and ever so comfy piece of furniture in situ, and after a little review time. My question has flipped to why would you not buy a Swyft chair?

Here Is Why My Swyft Armchair Has Changed My Mind About Flatpack Furniture Forever.

It was about a month ago when an email about the Swyft armchair popped into my inbox, normally I would have scrolled on by but the whole style of the chair make me click onto the Swyft website and investigate further.

I mentioned last week we had spent a year looking for our sofa! Well the armchair search has been much the same. Never seeing just the right chair in the right colour and the perfect shape. Finding the best furniture for your home is hard. Or is it just me who is so fussy?

Yet here was the Swyft Armchair looking very cool and available in blue velvet which was what exactly what I had in mind.

Modern Grey Velvet Chair

“Ah but your Swyft chair is grey” I hear you say! And yes you are right, because when it came down to it, despite the gorgeous velvet blue chair initially catching my eye. I also fell in love with the green and grey chair.

Now at this point I asked Swyft to surprise me with the colour of my armchair, yes I do that when I can’t decide. I once bought a Ford Puma that exact way.

Anyhow when the guys at Swyft stopped laughing at my ‘surprise me’ statement, they gently directed me towards making the right decision to suit our interior.

Wahhhh but all three matched! Anyhow after much discussion; I think the whole house got fed up with me asking “so what do you think, grey, blue or green velvet?” But this was a BIG decision.

And then came my inspiration, my ever so gorgeous tropical cushion and the Swyft decision was made, the grey armchair it was!

Flat Pack Armchair

Swyft Armchair Review

Ordering A Swyft Armchair Online.

And here is the amazing thing, you order furniture it takes up to 3 months to arrive. Yet! Swyft lives up to its name in delivery speed as well as build ease. My armchair came in 48 hours! I KID YOU NOT!

Let’s just say that again, 48 hours delivery!. Because this is furniture and that doesn’t happen all too often. But it did! It took me longer to decide the colour, than it did to arrive. Ooh that says a lot for my tendency to procrastinate doesn’t it?

Adding a grey velvet armchair to a room

Review, Building A Swyft Armchair.

I had planned to lock myself away with a cup of coffee when everyone was out and lovingly build my chair. However Joe had different ideas.

I haven’t seen him so giddy since we used to buy him playmobil. He was beside himself, ‘a chair you had to build!’ Of course he would be an expert at this. Thus I had inadvertently recruited a helper! An expert helper at that.

Building the chair was a piece of cake, it may have taken 2 or 3 minutes longer than it should have. That was purely because I had to keep reining my expert helper in. Who was doing a sterling job, but kept forgetting the aim of the game besides building said chair, was to record the process.

Building a flatpack chair

How Long Did It Take To Build?

Now I didn’t believe it would be quite so quick, but the chair took a maximum of 10 minutes to unbox and build taking out all the faffing with the camera.

But How Can You Build A Chair Without Screw And Nuts And Bolts?

It’s a really clever locking system. You simply click each component together and once its clicked into place it becomes secure. Watch the vlog below to see how easy it is.

Swyft Lock System

What Is The Swyft Build Quality Like?

It’s sturdy, so fat it’s been moved to several positions in the room, depending on whether we are watching a movie, chatting or chilling on a Sunday morning. The chair feels stable and comfy and the fabric quality and finish is excellent. Exactly what I would expect from a quality piece of furniture. Flatpack furniture has well and truly been revolutionised.

Would I Recommend The Swyft Flatpack Armchair?

Are you kidding? Totally yes, I want the sofa for our lounge! It’s stylish comfortable, sturdy and looks beautiful. And am I happy I chose the elephant grey? That is a resounding yes, sometimes the understated colours can have more of an impact can’t they?

UpDate, What Is The Swyft Chair Like After 4 Months

Still like new, I think you can tell the true quality of a piece of furniture pretty quickly. Because we are all home at the moment and spend a LOT of time in our garden room, also the boys still move it around if they want to watch a movie. The chair is used every day and is still as sturdy as it was when we built it.

Also the fabric still looks as fresh, we once had a spillage one of the boys dropped a lolly and it wiped off.

I was gifted the Swyft Flatpack Armchair in return for an honest review, however all opinions and helpful teenagers are my very own.

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