A Sunday Walk And Enjoying Family Time, Shopping And Football


Life has changed so much for the better lately; the New Year has brought a whole new meaning to weekends

With Chris’s working hours now mostly restricted to midweek. Before, working at the weekend was something I just expected to happen, something he has had to do all of our married life. So the change is huge. He is probably the one that has needed to adapt a little more than us. Learning that he can shut his brain of a little over the weekend. Rather than always having one ear on the phone.

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As a result we can all relax a little more. With chilled out Sunday mornings, lazy breakfasts, long weekend walks. And much to his displeasure weekend shopping trips. All the things I have wished we have had more time for all these years. Because when he was off before we had so much to cram in there was a schedule. Weekends were always busy.

A Sunday Walk

A Sunday Walk

A Sunday Walk

A Sunday Walk

A Sunday Walk

A Sunday Walk

Now we have that luxury of chilling a little and letting weekends pass by.

And we are all loving it. I am gently shoehorning little shopping trips in here are there. You see, I thought it best to ease him into weekend shopping ever so gently, or he will be begging to work weekends again. It is lucky that Joe loves clothes, and already at the age of 11 has his own style ideas making him the perfect shopping partner.

He can tolerate a trip to the ladies department of a store as long as he is able to take a trip to the kid’s section after. But it’s all about the order, save his shopping to last. Somehow the anticipation carries him though. Allow Joe to shop first and the boredom sets in and we wants to go home.

This has meant that we also get to enjoy watching the football matches together

This was a job for me before, which made keeping up with other weekend jobs difficult. Thus living in a perpetual circle of weekend chaos. Now we can drop who ever is playing football, and nip for a coffee and walk until the match starts. Thus making weekends much more chilled and calm places to be.

It can be frustrating living in a family dominated by football

But sometimes if you can’t beat them you just have to join them. Don’t get me wrong, I have spent many years trying to resist, but when your life is engulfed with something to such a level it starts to seep in. I would go as far as to say it’s a form of involuntary brainwashing. The constant chatter about league tables,’ transfers and form.

Before you know it, you have taken it in and are checking the football scores on a Saturday. The first time I found myself doing this I was shocked! What had happened to me! I now accept it’s a sort of love born from the pleasure and joy Chris and the boys get from it. I wont be rushing out and purchasing a season ticket any time soon, but the odd match just to see the joy its brings my little family is perfectly acceptable.

A Sunday Walk

My Sunday Photo, A Walk Along The River in a Lancashire Village

My Sunday Photo, A Walk Along The River in a Lancashire Village A Sunday Walk

Here’s to the year ahead

To making every day count, to enjoying family time, visits to our favourite cities, a few cheeky shopping trips and lots of long country walks.

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7 thoughts on “A Sunday Walk And Enjoying Family Time, Shopping And Football”

  1. That sounds like the perfect change for you all. My OH has to work the odd weekend and it’s always so annoying as I love our family time together and the weekends is the only real time we get it. Lovely photos!

  2. It must be so lovely to have Chris around at the weekends, and I am sure he won’t mind the odd shopping trip. I find if I feed the males halfway through a trip, it tends to work well. And me and Katie can carry on the shopping. Love the picture of Joe looking so cool x


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