Summer Style, Thinking Bright And Having Time For Me


Its time to start thinking summer time again hoorah! I am a real season lover and could never move to a country that didn’t have such diversity in the seasons. I just love the excitement of a new season drawing in.

When winter arrives I will be just as happy so see it as I was to see spring and summer,  I am fickle like that. Maybe it’s the seasonal highlights. Easter, Christmas, and summer holidays? I am not sure. But with every new season I feel this same excitement.  The changing weather and smell in the air.  The building of a new wardrobe, and adding to last year’s faves to make my wardrobe complete.

I am so ready to say goodbye to cozy chunky knits and boots. And welcome floaty tops, dresses, cropped jeans and sandals.

Summer Style And Thinking Bright

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The time feels right. And along with lighter spring summer wardrobes comes lighter brighter colours. The kind that only looks good on skin that has been kissed by the sun. OK, stretching a bit there, I don’t think I have had a tan since 1988. I don’t tan! Unless you call a million freckles a tan? But they are my tan and I love them.

And as I am packing my suitcase for our next trip I am getting so excited to feel that hot sunshine on my face, get dressed up for a-la-carte dinners in the evening as the sun sets over the sea, sipping prosecco with my little family. And maybe the odd cocktail round the pool too! I am on holiday so that’s allowed right?

As the boys have grown up traveling has become so much easier. Holidays aren’t better? I could never say that and take away from the happy memories of traveling with toddlers, and then little boys as they grew.

But they are so very much easier. The crawling stage was hardest. Traveling with toddlers is fun but hard. As they have grown and are happy in their own skin, confident to meet friends, but also content to chill out by the pool without constantly wanting to play a game. Yes, my friends that does happen, hoorah!

Summer Style And Thinking Bright a

Summer Style And Thinking Bright

This year I look forward to having time to get ready for evening meals, selecting an outfit, having a shower and getting ready in peace.

The Christie boys usually head to the bar before me, chat football or play a game of uno whilst I enjoy that peace of getting ready. Something that when they were toddlers and we were chasing them around the room trying to pin them down to get dressed seemed out of reach.

And I can buy white clothes and feel safe that I can spend time with my children in said white clothes without the fear of their food making its way down the front of my top. There was a time that Joe and white just didn’t go, and that was not just on him, it was on anybody around him!

Bringing up our family is wonderful, it’s not over yet and I don’t want to rush it. I want to enjoy every single moment these glorious boys are living with us. I suppose what I am trying to say is embrace each moment, they are all special. And as time goes on life gets easier, you start getting back time to shop, to choose clothes at a leisurely pace and time to dress in peace.

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