Summer Dress Shopping With Next And Sunset Cruises


One of my favourite parts of traveling is holiday shopping, is it just me, or is there something sooooooo exciting about holiday shopping?

Finding just the right dresses for hot balmy Greek evenings that I can wear with low sandals but still look smart and summery. Yet can also be dressed up or down at home. It’s getting that balance isn’t it? Looking relaxed, smart but not too O.T.T that you look like you are at the races, yet still looking like you made an effort.

Oh my I have made many a mistake. Like heading out for a summers meal looking like I should be at a wedding. And the barn dance I went to many years ago and wrongly thought it was a swanky affair so bought a gorgeous suit.  Only to turn a corner and see a hundred people in check shirts and jeans. I kid you not! As you imagine I stood out like a sore thumb.

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So yes, I have had to calm my Essex girl ways and learn to tone it down a tad. And to take on board that less is mostly more. Can you envisage what on earth would happen if we mixed Emmerdale with TOWIE, total carnage.

Fresco At Sani Dunes Resort

Fresco At Sani Dunes Resort

Next Summer Dress For Holidays

Main pool at Sani Dunes Halkidiki Greece

Smart Casual Summer Dress From Next

Sani Dunes Resort in the evening

I chose a few gorgeous new dresses and some of the comfiest wedge sandals from Next for my recent trip to Sani Resort in Greece.

Dresses that are light, stylish and comfortable. Yet I knew I would enjoy wearing after my trip too. Wearing the right outfit and feeling comfortable makes all the difference. If you feel relaxed and contented in what you are wearing you enjoy your evening so much more.

Here are a few pics from the trip, from our long drawn out dinners and a sunset cruise at Sani Dunes. You can’t beat being out at sea at sunset with a glass of pink champagne in hand can you?


Sani Resort Harbour At Sunset

Next Dresses For Smart Casual

Holiday Dresses from Next for Evenings

The Sun setting at Sani Harbour

A Sunset From Sani Sunset Cruise a trip for Sani Dunes

The Sunset Cruise At Sani Resort and Next Summer Dress

Next Summer Dresses and Trips To Greece

Being comfy in your own skin is not about being the thinnest the prettiest or indeed the youngest person.

It is all about becoming comfortable with yourself and having conviction in you choices. I have learnt to trust myself more in time. And mostly know what shape suits me, I go with that rather than trying to fit in with trends. Yes, I get it wrong sometimes, don’t we all? I now know you do not get dressed up for a barn dance. And always check the dress code for a wedding, although in my defence they should have told me! Consider your surroundings and plan accordingly in an outfit you feel great in.

Anyhow without rambling on about body image for hours, although I think it’s hugely important. If we don’t like ourselves how on earth can we allow others to like us? What I am trying to say is be yourself, your own unique version of you.

And for a little more summer inspiration check out Next for their latest dresses. Honestly I could pick LOADS









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