Summer Days And Holiday Dress Shopping With Laura Ashley


We are nearing the end of August and still waiting for summer to take its hold. But I am feeling hopeful, being a September baby I know that the early part of the month can at times be so much nicer than August.

I have so many lovely memories of sunny birthdays, whilst I was blessed with scorching hot weather on my 40th birthday.

And for this reason I am NOT DONE WITH SUMMER! I will not be packing away my summer wardrobe for quite some time yet. And am actively adding to it for next year. And let me tell you there are some amazing holiday bargains to be had at the moment.

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Dresses From Laura Ashley

Pretty Dresses From Laura Ashley

occasion dresses From Laura Ashley

Check me out over on the Laura Ashley blog chatting about some of my most recent purchases. I may have even bought a dress in anticipation for a very exciting wedding on the sun next year.

Eeek exciting. Its years since I have been to a wedding abroad and might be a little over excited about it! But what’s not to love about seeing great friends who are just made for each other tie the knot, great company, cocktails and sunshine.

All I have to do now is shop a holiday wardrobe, shoes and bag. Yes I may be tackling the whole affair in a rather backwards fashion, but its nice to approach exciting events from a different angle sometimes. And I have the perfect dress for a wedding abroad. The rest to some degree is just not as important.

Shopping for big events such as a wedding can be quite stressful cant it? I will never forget the night before one of my godsons christening, I was still scouring Lakeside at 8pm searching for the perfect dress. In all fairness I did have the perfect dress. Only to find that one of the godmothers had exactly the same dress. What are the chances of that?

Since that event 15 years ago I find it best to always have a perfect dress in ready for occasions. And said dress is always there ready for emergency back up or very important weddings. There is nothing worse than trawling shopping center’s hours before a wedding. Nothing seeming to fit or look just right and going for a second best that makes you feel awful.


Floral Dresses From Laura Ashley

Stepping Stones in Roughlee

Holiday Dresses From Laura Ashley

These days I never procrastinate over buying a dress that will come in for such occasions. If it fits well and feels good then it would be nothing short of foolhardy to walk away without making a purchase.

There is also a part of me that wants to be prepared for the next few months. We are thinking about moving home and god only knows how long these things take. How long it will take to sell our lovely little home.

Being prepared for future events feels like it makes sense at the moment. Leaving us to worry about fitting in the stuff that is out of our control. And let’s face shopping online at Laura Ashley for summer dresses and new jeans is such a lovely distraction. Check out what I bought below and fingers crossed for a hot and balmy September.

Jeans for Jeans in Barley

 Floaty blouse and jeans From Laura Ashley

Jeans for Jeans in Barley

Floral print dress , this oh so pretty little tunic dress which is perfect for breezy Greek nights with sandals and cropped jeans. which are the perfect length for me being just 5ft, paired with a floaty blouse which I got just in time as it has sold out.







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  1. Ah you look gorgeous Sarah, and I must admit I am terrible at procrastinating and not buying sometimes. Your wedding in the sun next year sounds exciting. Three years ago we watched our close friends get married in Corfu and it was an amazing day and holiday x


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