Styling My Lounge With benuta


When I recently got the opportunity to work with benuta I jumped at the chance, a good friend had just got a rug from there and it was gorgeous. We were just in the process of decorating our lounge, and had changed the colour scheme for all of our furniture, but had really struggled finding a rug to match the new grey scheme.

Styling My Lounge With benuta,

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We had looked everywhere, and everything was either too patterned, too flat, to rough, not just the right colour. benuta presented me with the opposite problem, too much choice. Is there such a thing as too much choice? It is better to struggle choosing from lots of options you love, rather than having the scour shops and the Internet to find just the right thing.

But trust me it took me ages to choose, the benuta site has a great facility that allows you filter your choices, and after filtering the choice was still huge. After a lot of thought I decided on the Shaggy Rug Breeze, we went for the 160×230 cm at £200. This is a large rug so I thought that was fantastic value.

Rug 5

Rug 6

I wanted a rug that was cosy, somewhere people radiate towards. Our last rug was quite rough and industrial looking, it looked good, but just wasn’t cozy. I wanted snuggly, stylish and cozy, and this is exactly what I got.

Delivery was super speedy and arrived with 5 days of ordering, it was well wrapped and in perfect condition on delivery. Smelling fresh and dry. I know this may be an odd point, but the last rug we bought cost a small fortune and smelt damp when it arrived, this was not the case with benuta.

Styling my Lounge with beunuta
As soon as the rug was down Toby was rolling in it, and Joe abandoned the chairs in favour of the rug. It really is like lying on a snuggly blanket. Exactly what I wanted to achieve. Our lounge is a large room and the rug provides much-needed coziness on our wooden floors, yet looks light and bright, I just love it.

Check out the benuta website for inspiration, the choice is huge and from my experience the quality is fantastic, as is the service.

16 thoughts on “Styling My Lounge With benuta”

    • Ha ha it certainly did Rachel, I caught the little swine sat on it with muddy paws yesterday grrr. Yes the quality is fantastic I just love it xxx

  1. That rug was just made for Toby. Look how cosy he looks just chilling out on it. I love the colour Sarah, and it goes really well in your lounge. I have never heard of Benuta, but will have a look at their website x

    • I know Tracey he loves it, he sinks right into it. Yes the colour is so pretty I am thrilled with how well it matches, and check them out such great service x

    • Thanks Jess and yes they are such great quality aren’t they. I love it, and Toby adores it he is always sneaking in to have a roll when he is meant to be in bed drying off x

  2. Wow that looks so snug and is the perfect finishing touch. We’ve currently got a mile deep carpet and can’t wait to replace it with a wooden floor and rugs, I’ll definitely be checking out Benuta (ps, love how comfy Toby looks!!) X #HomeEtc

  3. It looks so inviting, I can see why you went for it, definitely cosy! I would want to sit on the floor, lovely colour too. I have never heard of benuta before but sounds like they are brilliant. Love that photo of Toby flat out on it! xx #HomeETC

  4. Ohmygoodness. That pic of Toby at the end!!!! HOW gorgeous??? I absolutely love the rugs we got from Benuta — they’re a fab company and their rugs are so reasonably priced. Love what you chose pet — it suits the room perfectly 🙂

    Looking forward to starting another year of #HomeEtc tomorrow — I hope that you’ll come and join us xxx

    • Ah he is so cute bless him, and I love the rug it looks great, I really struggled choosing though the choice was amazing x


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