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Stocking Filler Idea’s For Younger Boys

After looking at older Boys stocking fillers last week, this week I am sharing ideas for younger boys. When I say younger Boys I am looking at around Joe’s age, so between 8-10. It’s a weird age because they are not toddlers, yet not teens. They feel grown up, but aren’t. I have found with both the boys that this is an incredibly hard age to buy for.

So here are my stocking filler ideas for Joe.

PicMonkey Collage younger boys

  1. Transformers Grimlock One-Step Changer, at 9 Transformers are still cool. Joe loves transformers, and if I am honest I let him try this out last week, he loved it. So I know this is the perfect present.
  2. Lego Turtle Van Takedown, this is the first of two Lego products. In our house Lego has been the one ageless gift, both the Boys love the creative scope of Lego. In fact I don’t think Lego is something a boy actually ever grows out of.  Joe is going to love the Ninja Turtle Van. Turtles are just so cool and current at the moment.
  3. Cadbury’s Chocolate Santa and Snowman, You can’t go wrong with Cadbury’s Chocolate can you ? Every Christmas as long as I can remember, we have been given a Cadbury’s selection box. Cadbury’s has become part of Christmas for us.
  4. Albumcards, this is an absolutely genius idea. It is literally what it says, an Album on a Card. All you do is choose a gift Album and send as a personalised Card, which the recipient can download and play. What a fantastic idea. The thing I love about this is that it enables you to think about the person you are buying for rather than sending a generic gift card. Its a great way of sending a personalised gift.
  5. And last but not least Lego Ultra Agents, these are fantastic. This is Lego on another level. Perfect for tablet savvy kids who love technology. Ultra Agents comes with a downloadable app that has interactive games that link to the Lego characters. What a fantastic idea.

There you go,  my stocking filler wish list for Joe. He will love all of these gifts. And will get many hours of pleasure from all of them, except the chocolate. Which knowing Joe will last minutes, but I know he will enjoy every single minute of it.

This post was made in  collaboration with all the lovely brands above.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.