So, When is the Best Age to Visit Disney?


I wanted a share a few of our personal Disney family experiences. I have such an amazing response from my Disney posts, lots of lovely comments and people telling me how they can’t wait to visit Disney.

But one thing has really surprised me and seemed to resonate with many people. Lots of people said; wow it looks amazing we can’t wait to take our Children to Disney but just want to wait until they are older.

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Now each to their own, but I just wanted to share our experiences with you of When Best Age is to Visit Disney?


What is the best age to visit Disney

We planned to spend our honeymoon at Disneyland Paris; it had only been open a short while we were so excited at the prospect of a romantic honeymoon at Disney. But after a string of financial disasters including getting burgled and someone running off with our wedding money we had to cancel. We were only young and just couldn’t afford it. But I am a positive person and knew one day we would get there.

The Best Age to visit Walt Disney World
In 2002 one of my best friends announced she was getting married in Walt Disney World. And she asked me to be her bridesmaid.

Yaaaahoooo I was so excited. Not only were we going to Walt Disney World I was being a bridesmaid, well it’s a little like being a Disney Princess isn’t it? Donna and Darren got married at The Walt Disney World Swan; it was wonderful, so magical.

Jack was 2 when we first visited Walt Disney World.

A few people told us prior to going that Jack would be too young to go and really enjoy it. But I couldn’t disagree more. Now I admit, he can’t remember every single detail. But we have photos, and our memories. Visiting at this age was just incredible; he was so into Mickey and Minnie and the Club House, Handy Manny and the Bear in the Big Blue House.

A Good Age To Take Kids To Disney

It was magical seeing it all from Jacks perspective. He was mesmerized by all the characters and loved getting his photo taken with them all. Then of course there are the rides. There are so many rides geared at little ones, Dumbo, It’s a small world (still my favourite) Peter Pan I could go on.

We decided we wanted to take Jack at intervals as there are rides and experiences to suit every age. And were desperate for him to experience it all.

We revisited when Joe was 2 and Jack was 7, we had an incredible holiday watching the boys both see Walt Disney World through completely different eyes- When is the Best Age to Visit Disney?

Joe living the toddler dream and Jack feeling very grown up enjoying rides like Buzz Lightyear’s Space Rangers Spin and Star Wars. 

A good age to visit Disney with kids

The problem is Disney just makes you always want more, more experience for your family, more memories, more magic and at every age visiting Disney is different.

So I decided I would like to visit Disneyland Paris for my 40th birthday gift. We visited during October and Halloween was just incredible. Yes, we experienced a different Disney yet again, but OMG the excitement of a seasonal event was just immense.

The Best Age To Visit Disney with kids

The attention to detail was stunning pumpkins and spooky scarecrows everywhere. Our hotel was decorated with spiders and cobwebs, a skeleton had pride of place in the bar the atmosphere was just so exciting.

Now, not only do we feel we need to bring the boys at different ages, but different seasons. I want to experience Disneyland at Christmas, Walt Disney World at Halloween, cruise alongside Mickey and Minnie and experience the flower festival in spring.

What is the best age to take kids to Walt Disney World,

My answer to the above is no two Disney experiences are ever the same. There is magic waiting for every age at every corner, and in every season. And I just want to experience it all.

When is the Best Age to Visit Disney? All ages offer a different wonderful experience.



13 thoughts on “So, When is the Best Age to Visit Disney?”

  1. thanks for sharing your experiences – exactly the sort of post I was looking for as we are currently planning our first trip with kids. Hubby wants to go to Florida for the first trip so we’re thinking of waiting until Little Miss is around 3.5 and the next one is around 2 which will be in 2 years time. Plus we need to save up for it!

    I’m sorry to hear about your wedding money by the way!! What a raw deal!

    • Ah thank you, yes little ones just find it so magical, look out for the free dining deal, we got such an amazing deal and they usually run it every year. Oooh you will so love it x

  2. This is a great post as I often get asked what is the perfect age to visit Disneyworld. Every age is perfect and we first visited when our 2 were 8 and 5. It was not their ages that determined our very first trip, but the fact it was our 10 year anniversary and the hubby turned 40. I am toying with the idea about Disneyland Paris next year for our 15 year anniversary, as would be nice to see how it compares to Florida. I can’t believe somebody ran off with your wedding money and you also got burgled. Sounds a horrid time xx

    • It wasn’t all bad i married my soul mate, i suppose the rest is irrelevant and our wedding was lovely, just no honeymoon. I love Paris, just need to go a Christmas now x

  3. Great post and a question we have talked about quite a bit. I think the”being old enough” comes from the cost of going there. I really can’t wait to take my girls to Disneyland Paris!

    • Yes you are right Karen, but there are some great deals out there to make the experience so much more affordable, but do you know what to once is incredible and a great memory, then from there you decide wonderful memory or a something, like me that got under my skin and makes me want to keep going back for more, I budget and plan to ensure we get the best deal, hope you all get there soon x

  4. Love this! Am so desperate to visit Disney again with my big kids (we only do Paris – neither rich enough or brave enough for USA). The first time we went my eldest was 15 months. We took number 2 son at 8 months and the last time we went the kids were 10, 8 and 5. We’ve done Halloween a couple of times and the attention to detail is incredible.

    • Sarah I love Paris and the thing I especially love about Paris is the seasons, Halloween and Autumn, crunching through the leaves all the pumpkin and the atmosphere is just incredible we loved it, I think Disney is Disney no matter where in the World it is, it is still magical x

  5. I first visited Disney World when I was 5 and my first vivid memory is of Spaceship Earth and I’ve been engrossed ever since. So I say when they are young enough to appreciate something but not too old that they might consider Disney to be too childish

    • I so agree with this James, however may I just add I am 42 and it still dent feel childish to me. I don’t think I will ever grow out of Disney

  6. I can’t agree more! I first went to Disney World when I was 6 and I wanted to go back since that moment! When my husband and I got married I petitioned hard for it to be our honeymoon but alas he just didn’t understand. He said we had to wait until we had kids. I think our first was about a week old when I said “ok I have kid, Disney time!” The hubby still made me wait and we planned our first trip to Disneyland when our son was 3 and our daughter just under 2 (still free!) We had sooooooooo many people tell us “they’re too young” “they won’t really get it or enjoy it” “I can’t believe you’re going to fly with both of them so young, such a waste” “it’s too expensive for such young kids” Well whatever! I wanted to go so bad and I wanted it to be pure magic for the kids! And it was! So perfect and so magical, they loved every minute and so did we! My husband became a total disney enthusiast and loved every minute! He even said I was right and we should have done our honeymoon there! Now our kids are 6 and 4 and we just reserved and bought a trip to Disney World in a few months, I can’t wait!!!!


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