Home Education, Should I Consider A Tutor During Lockdown?


We are living in unprecedented times, schools are to all intense and purpose closed. This has left us all juggling work, policing schooling ( sorry thats the only way I can describe it at the moment) cooking, cleaning and oraganising family life. Thus I was left feeling home education and getting Joe a tutor with MyTutor was a welcome addition to his week.

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Should I Consider A Tutor During Lockdown?

Should I Consider Home Education And A Tutor During Lockdown?

I am going to start with the reasons I think home education and getting a private tutor has worked for us. It’s important to understand this before I go onto our back story and why I decided a tutor was the way forward.

Reasons Getting A Tutor To Offer 1-1 Home Education Is A Great Idea….

  • Online tutoring companies such as MyTutor are geared 100% towards an online leaning environment.
  • One to one tuition is a great way to bridge skills and knowledge gaps.
  • However they are also a wonderful way of sparking a passion in education.
  • Creative topics are also covered.
  • On-line learning is fun, this was a huge surprise to our teen Joe.
  • It’s 100% tailored towards your child and their abilities.
  • You can see progress, the reporting is outstanding.
  • Its easy to plan and organise.
  • Home education and a personal tutor can turn a negative, such as on-line learning into a huge positive.
Home Education, Should I Consider A Tutor and MyTutor Review

How Is Traditional Home Schooling Going For Us?

High school is tough as it is self directed. I don’t know if you have a teen boy but self directed and my 14 year old just don’t go.

Joe has a morning school schedule but its all online, his school are dealing with lockdown in the best way they know how and doing great.

Although the emphasis of home eduction is on not putting pressure on kids at an already stressful time. This I commend whole heartedly. However being a boy that needs motivating to enjoy a subject this has left him getting by by doing what he has to educationally. And for a little context we argue over who is going to get Joe up for school in the mornings as he wakes up in a foul mood.

Now like I said these are unprecedented times, Joe’s head teacher is very much putting an emphasis on not making home eduction a war, school are supportive. In the beginning it was a war. Until we decided to chill and allow him to learn other skills around the house. We took the “as long as school work is done” attitude life and things became so much easier for everyone.

School and education became something you had to do rather than something fun and inspiring. My god if learning should be nothing else it SHOULD BE FUN. Online instructions had sucked the joy out of Joes learning and you could see it.

Should I get an online tutor with MyTutor during lockdown #hometutor #homeeducation #tutor

Then MyTutor Contacted Me About Targeted Home Education And Getting A 1-1 Tutor.

They asked if ask if they could offer some support and I could report on my findings. I am going to be totally honest, when I read it my heart sank.

Why? I thought it was a great idea, but dreaded broaching the subject with Joe knowing how he is feeling about learning. ( He loves school, just not this online way of learning.) As anticipated war broke out at the mere thought of more online learning.

But this is where companies like MyTutor are different. They are used to this learning environment, to catering lessons to inspire young people. It’s what they do so very well. So after some negotiations that would have made Brexit look simple, Joe agreed to take part.

How Did We Get Our Teen To Agree To Additional Home Education And A Tutor During Lockdown?

We decided straight away, this had to be about finding something inspiring that Joe could feel passionate about. Not adding to the educational burden.

Thus we sat with Joe looking at the vast array of lesson options. As soon as he saw GCSE Music his face lit up. That is the one subject he is passionate about, but probably the one that is suffering the most due to lockdown. His school teacher is amazing, but its just unmanageable as early promotion to year 10 hasn’t happened due to lockdown.

For us getting Joe a tutor was about turning this whole lockdown education thing around and making it a positive experience.

We wanted something unique to happen that would light that fire again. The subject almost didn’t matter. I mean of course it does! By that I mean, we didn’t want the obvious, we wanted the downright inspirational. Something to remind him how exciting learning can be, really is!

Home Education During Lockdown and GSCE music lessons with MyTutor

My Review Of MyTutor

How To Choose An Online Tutor?

Once you decide on your topic you can then do a tutor search and find a tutor who is best matched to your child’s needs. This is how we came across Oren. Who we knew being a Blues, Rock, Soul & Funk Electric Guitarist, was the right tutor for Joe.

The choice is huge. However there is also a chat available to help you narrow down the tutor to match your needs.

How to choose an online tutor with my tutor

Once You Have Decide You Are Able To Book A Free Tutor Meeting.

These are fabulous as you get to meet the tutor and discus aims together with your child. These meetings give you the opportunity to see if this is the right tutor for your child, and indeed the right subject. We knew straight away that Oren was perfect and would inspire Joe by the way he showed passion for his subject.

You Are Able To Schedule All Of Your Home Education Lessons In Advance.

Once you are happy and settled with a MyTutor, tutor you are able to go into your dashboard and book lessons. You simply put in a request which your tutor will respond to. You then pay to firm up the arrangements.

Within the dashboard there is also a chat facility, allowing your tutor to contact you with any requests, history and vice versa.

Music GCSE online tutoring with My Tutor

All MyTutor Lessons Are Recorded.

Because all lessons are recorded your child is able to rewatch to go over any revision notes and recaps, it also allows you as a parent to see what your child is leaning. And of course is also great from a safeguarding perspective.

I sat at my desk during Joe’s lesson and was inspired by the positive atmosphere. How Joe felt a valued part of the lesson which is something Schools just aren’t achieving at the moment. Don’t get me wrong teachers are amazing, they are doing their best in an awful situation, but boxes have to be ticked and numbers have to be catered for.

But witnessing the magic taking place and our child feeling inspired was incredible. It brought joy to my heart to see him learn and feel excited for the next lesson.

Music GCSE online tutoring with My Tutor

After Every Lesson You Receive A Detailed Report.

This arrived within 10 minutes and detailed what went well, any home work and what Joe had to focus on for the next lesson.

Would I Recommend MyTutor?

Yes absolutely, it has really made me think of home eduction in a different way, education is of course and always should be inspiring. Oren has inspired Joe educationally in a way that I haven’t seen since the world changed.

Getting a tutor can be about maths, english or science, but it can also be about music, art and languages. Its about thinking outside the box, being creative and finding that thing that makes your child come alive and love learning. Oren has achieved that and for that we will forever be grateful to Oren and MyTutor.

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#ad This MyTutor review is paid post but all opinions are my own and you cant convince a teen to love something they don’t! Its impossible.

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