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Usually, when I write a theatre review I mention names of actors, I am not going to do that today. Why? Because my Review Of The School Of Rock UK Tour at the Palace Theatre Manchester is a unique one. No one shone brighter, this truly outstanding cast blew me away.

Every voice, move, joke, quip was incredible, pure joy. The kind of joy that makes your face ache because you have grinned from ear to ear throughout the whole performance. And with several teams of child actors taking the lead parts, I absolutely do not want to take the risk of getting one single name wrong. Or indeed missing anyone out.

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What’s School Of Rock About?

When failed rockstar Dewey Fin fraudulently take a supply teacher’s job at Horace Green Prep School in the name of his pal Ned Schneebly, life changes forever. He quickly discovers a world he does not fit into at all. But also recognises talent in his students no one has ever seen before.

With a class full of academic children, whom’s teachers and parents harbour huge expectations for Harvard and profession success. Yet, what everyone fails to recognise is the individuality and creativity of this amazing bunch of kids.

In a bid for personal success Mr Schneebly accidentally stumbles across the different and unique talents of every child in the class. Thus they form a unique bond as they go on a journey of discovery together. A journey that brings out the best in each and every student, but also Mr Schneebly. Yet something magical happens, it starts to filter to everyone around them.

Review, School Of Rock Tour 2022

What starts off as an inappropriate way to to pay the rent, becomes a life changing experience for everyone involved.

My Review Of School Of Rock UK Tour 2022 At The Palace Theatre

One word EXTRAORDINARY, and the teens loved it too! School of Rock has you at the opening scene. It’s lively, exciting and inspirational. There are so many life lesson weaved into to School Of Rock for parents and teachers alike.

Kids have so much to offer, but its also so important to not to harness our dreams and wishes into them. But to nurture their skills and creativity, thus enabling them to explore, experiment and find the way to become the best version of them.

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The cast were truly incredible, every single track made want to jump up for a standing ovation. It was seriously the most infectious inspirational show I have ever seen. All productions have their own strengths, School of Rock’s is the ability to inspire and create pure joy. I left wanting to be a better parent, do I listen enough, I hope I do?

But also this one that every teacher should watch, they could learn so much. I wish my Art teacher who never entered me for my GCSE exam had watched this. Her name escapes me, but 140,000 readers per month say she was wrong, anyhow I digress.

Review, School Of Rock UK Tour 2022, Manchester

Usually I have a lot to say about the scenery, and it was great, worked well, so simple and effective, which in itself takes dedication and talent. However if I am truly honest, I was just transfixed with the cast, the scenery was almost secondary, the cast demanded the attention 100%, more than I have ever experienced before.

Would I Recommend The Show?

Go, take the family, even if they inititally moan, they will thank you for it. This is a wonderful introduction to theatre, our teens left wanting to see more. It’s a truly wonderful experience, an inspirational party on a stage and just what we need to banish those Christmas blues.

School of Rock is at the Palace Theatre Manchester until the 15th January and touring the UK until the 22nd July and its a must see, with or without the family.

I was gifted my tickets in return for an honest review, but you cant argue with inspirational, talented kids and a cast who raises the roof. Check out more theatre reviews here.

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