Review Of The E-Trends City Electric Bike With A Basket


This Review Of The E-Trends City Electric Bike is a post I can’t believe I’m writing, I am reviewing a bike! This is something I never thought I would do, because I am not a cyclist. Some are and some aren’t, right? Well, I am so glad to say I’m wrong and have been for years.

You see I kept my bike riding to Center Parks and spinning at the gym, both of which I really enjoy. However I had no intention of EVER riding on the road with cars.

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The thought terrified me. But you know what? It’s ok, not half as scary as I thought it would be, in fact, scrap that I am loving being able to jump on my bike and go for a ride in the country.

Review of the E-Trends Electric Bike

Review Of The E-Trends City Electric Bike With A Basket

I Always Thought I Didn’t Need A Bike

I am not at all qualified to review a bike and it’s merits against other bikes. That’s because I would be comparing it against a spinning bike at the gym and my pink bike from 1984. So that’s never going to work. Also there’s no point me telling you info you can find on the website.

However what I am very qualified in, is reasons to not get a bike, as I have used them all! This my friends is what I am going to address today, all the reasons I didn’t get a bike. Compared to my reality of now owning my shiny new E-Trends City Electric Bike With A Basket.

For me getting a new bike was all about the basket, somewhere to put picnics and flowers. I cant tell you how excited I am to go to the florist when the shops are open. I have this vision on me on a sunny day, having just been to the florist, with my pug Alf in my basket ha ha!

Best Womens Electric Bike

My Reason For Not Getting A Bike Were

  • I can go to the gym and electric bikes are expensive
  • Going up hills is too hard
  • I can hire a bike at Center Parks
  • Cars are scary
  • There are so many extras to buy.
Best womens electric bike

Having An E-Trends City Electric Bike Is Better Than The Gym

Firstly, the gym is an hour round trip, plus a 30 minute class, then getting in and out, plus having a shower and changing means a spinning class can take 2 to 2.5 hours. Whereas I can nip out on my bike and do 30- 40 minutes which I find more enjoyable. There’s lots to see, plus is physically challenging.

Yes the City bike is £899, however that is less than the cost of a years gym membership. In theory it’s paid for itself in less than a year, plus saved me so much time.

The E-Trends City Electric Bike With A Basket

As Well As Being Great Exercise Its A Great Family Activity

Going to the gym is a solitary affair unless you have a gym buddy. However going for a bike ride is an amazing family activity, Joe and I have been out on a couple of rides this week. I know he’s holding back to help me build my confidence. However I also know this is something we will do together going forward.

Going Up Hills Is Easy With The E-Trends City Electric Bike

I live in Lancashire at the top of a hill, not far from the foot of Pendle Hill, ITS HILLY! There is nowhere level to cycle, no matter what direction I go in I have come up a hill to get home.

Review of a womens electric bike for the countryside

We aren’t talking slight inclines, I am talking steep hills that take your breath away walking up them. There’s no way I could get up those hill on a regular bike. However the City Electric Bike makes this possible for me, the bike comes with 3 power levels, on the flat these are 3 different speeds or effort levels.

However on a hill its 3 levels of electric uphill support. In the interest of honesty, I need level 3, maximum power to get up those hills! Seriously, I would not be able to do this without my level 3 super power.

The E-Trends City Bike has 3 levels of power

You can find the electric controls on the left hand side of the handle bar, they are located so you can control them with your thumb, and once you get accustomed to the settings it’s easy to navigate and move between levels.

Its Cheaper To Take Your Own Bike To Center Parcs

I can’t tell you how much I have spent hiring bikes over the years. This could have contributed towards a new e-bike. Plus, if you have a bike rack you can take your bike anywhere once we’re allowed too.

the benefits of having an electric bicycle

Riding On The Road Is Fine

I was terrified about riding in the road, this was by biggest fear by far, and what was holding me back from getting a bike. But it’s ok, I actually prefer roads to off road, which is a little bumpier.

In fact after my first ride, I was already planning a route a little more daring. Having the back-up of electric power is a huge confidence booster, and as the E-Trends City Electric Bike is a substantial bike it feels safe.

The E-Trends City Electric Bike Comes With Lots Of Extras

When we recently bought Joe’s bike it came from a reputable independent bike shop. But also needed to buy lots of extras. In fact I was shocked what it didn’t come with as it wasn’t cheap.

However the E-Trends City Electric Bike comes with a full list of things I would have considered extras.

The E-Trends City Bike has easy to use electric controls and a basket on the front

The E-Trends City Electric Bike Comes With

  • Keys to lock the back wheel
  • Led front and rear built in lights, with a button on the handle bars for easy access
  • Front and back mud-flaps
  • A horn
  • Wheel reflectors
  • Did I mention it has a basket?
  • A wheel rack over the back wheel
  • A bike stand
The E-City Electric Womens bike with a basket, also has a stand

What Else Do You Need To Know About The E-Trends City Electric Bike

The lockable battery lasts for ages, after 3 trips out my battery is still full, I have done just over an hours cycling. The battery has a range of 30-35 miles, which is reassuring when you want to get out on a long ride, with a charging time of 5-6 hours.

The battery sit under the seat and is easy to take in and out

The battery is easy to access via a lever under the seat, you simply click the lever, lift the seat and are able to unlock and remove the battery.

The seat lifts up the allow easy access to the battery

The City Bike weighs 29.5 kg, its heavy to manoeuvre around the bike shed, however doesn’t feel heavy to ride, I expected to struggle with it on the road, but have not at all and find it easy to push over cattle grids which was my main worry.

Its also very comfortable to ride, with seat suspension and a padded, adjustable seat it is super comfy.

6-speed Shimano gears are essential for country roads and getting up hills, although I still struggle with which is which. The electric part is much easier to get your head around, but what I do know is without them I would have no hope of getting up hills. ( I do try do do a little work myself)

Its fun, I honestly never thought I would find riding a bike on the road that much fun, although I do feel like a need a trip to Center Parcs now just so I can ride it all day long! Goodness, that is something I thought I would never say.

#Ad I was gifted the bike for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and my new found bicycle bravery are my own!

Great way to exercise in the country

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