Review Of Rutland Hotter Walking Boots


Hello and how are you on this rainy day? I wanted to share a review of Rutland, Hotter Walking Boots with you. Firstly because I agreed to put said boots to the test. But secondly and more importantly, I love them so much I consider it a public service.

Rutland Walking Boots From Hotter

If you regularly read my little old blog, you will know country life and our gorgeous bear of a dog Toby are a huge focus of family life. Life in the Christie house is chaos. We are always busy, working on a project, or off travelling somewhere.

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But one thing that is constant is getting out in the countryside and walking. That and blisters, I kid you not! Chris is constantly rolling his eyes at my feet’s ability to blister for no reason! Walking boots and trainers always being the worst offenders.

Alice Nutter
Family walking in the country

Finding The Right Walking Boots Have Proven Tough

We walk every day, and try to get in a least one long walk a week, usually with a village pub along the way. I do have some comfy boots, but they’re not warm, It’s proven a problem finding water resistant, warm comfortable walking boots. The warm ones give me blisters, the ones that don’t aren’t warm or water resistant! I mean come on, that’s not a big ask really, is it?

When I got to choose a pair of Hotter Walking Boots I was hopeful. Having reviewed a pair or CHELSEA BOOTS in the autumn and totally falling in love with them. Seriously I live in those boots, I am wearing them now!

Anyhow I digress, back to my Hotter walking boots. The first thing that struck me was the style, that’s something that so often puts me off walking boots, they can look groovy and outdated. However the Hotter Rutland boots are super stylish and come in a choice of grey or navy.

Putting My Rutland, Hotter Walking Boots To The Test

They are so comfy, like slippers. So much so I decided to wear them on Sunday for our family walk. Chris rolled his eyes, muttered something under his breath about me never learning. Ok I hadn’t worn them in, but I felt confident, sometimes you just know don’t you?

comfy warm walking boots

Walking in the countryside is wonderful, all that fresh air, glorious views and space. However the downsides are lack of pavements, uneven surfaces and at this time of year lots of mud and puddles. In other words, perfect conditions to put walking boots to the test. There is nowhere to hide, they have to perform.

Review of Hotter Rutland Boots
River in the Lancashire Countryside
Family walk and waterfall in Lancashire

Firstly and most importantly after walking several miles, not a single blister appeared. My gorgeous new boots are super comfy.

Secondly, they are soooooo warm, there is nothing worse than cold feet is there? Having cold feet makes me grumpy, but no, my feet were toasty and warm.

Also, dry, and I did walk at the side of a river, oh and through the odd puddle on my way home in the dark.

But lastly, the dirt seems to slide off them, ok I was not walking in deep mud, I try to avoid it! Especially as I didn’t want to get my lovely grey boots messy. ( I did initially wonder if light grey were a mistake) However, it was the next day I noticed how clean they looked, and I distinctly remember them having a muddy patch on the toe of one boot.

Best walking boots for a family walk
My Sunday Photo, A Walk Along The River in a Lancashire Village

So would I recommend the Rutland Walking Boots? Absolutely I love how comfy and stylish they are. If my feet are in any way unhappy then so am I. My feet totally affect my mood, so for these gorgeous boots are a real winner.

Disclaimer I was gifted the boots in return for an honest review, but you can’t argue with comfy warm feet can you?

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