Review Of 9 To 5 The Musical, Manchester


This is the second time I have seen 9 to 5 The Musical. I also have fond memories of watching the show and original movie in the 80s. Yet at the age of 10 I really had no idea of the feminist connotations of the story. Watching as a woman well in my 40s gave the story a whole new meaning.

Now before I go any further, this is not a man bashing post! I work in a female orientated industry. However during my time in eduction the men I came into contact with have been nothing more than inspirational, respectful and honourable.

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Although I do suspect this is the tale of many. Those who feel they’re being suppressed by those in a position of authority.

Review of 9 to 5 the musical

The Story Behind 9 To 5 The Musical, Manchester

Violet ( Louise Redknapp) Judy ( Amber Davies) and Doralee (Georgina Castle) all find themselves working for Franklin Hart JNR (Sean Needham) an egotistical, sexist, lying, cheat.

Hart has used his power to manipulate and divide the women who work for him. Thus creating an environment where everybody wants to succeed. But not by working together.

That is until the day that Judy sets foot in the office and brings Violet and Doralee together with her innocent disposition and kind nature.

In brief Judy has found herself needing to find work after her husband had an affair and left her for his secretary. Which has left her devastated and with no self belief and direction. But desperately wishing he will come back to her.

Violet also feels lost. A widower with a teenage son to bring up alone, she throws herself into her career and dreams of progressing. However Violet knows deep down Mr Hart will always suppress her and hold her back. Particularly in favour of men in the office, despite their capabilities.

Meanwhile Doralee is happily married, but painfully aware she is judged in the workplace on her looks and not her ability. Thus resulting in her being ostracised by her colleagues.

My Review Of 9 To 5 The Musical.

9 To 5 The Musical is wonderful, it deals with issues women face in the workplace but in the most hysterical way. As the women start to see that actually they can achieve their goals, they become strong.

Each finding strength in different ways, they kidnap Mr Hart and discover he is in fact embezzling the company. Whilst Hart’s incarcerated they make changes in the office. Thus increasing productivity and happiness in the workforce.

The overriding tale is how Violet, Judy and Doralle overcome Mr Hart. Therefore becoming stronger themselves and face their own demons.

The lesson here? We are stronger together, women should always champion each other. Human beings should always champion each other. Also NEVER judge a book by its cover. Everybody has a story to tell and bullies never win, they just need that one person with strength to stand up to them.

The cast was incredible!

Each as strong as the next which made it hard to choose a favourite. I have to also mention Roz (Lucinda Lawrence) for her wonderful portrayal of the Mr Hart’s long suffering but devoted administrative assistant.

However every step and voice was amazing. As was the incredible 80s inspired office set that gave the right amount of 80s but without the cheese.

9 To 5 The Musical has you rooting for the women, celebrating Hart’s downfall and laughing out loud, real belly laughs. This is the second time I have seen this show and it gets better every time.

9 To 5 the Musical is playing at the Palace Theatre in Manchester until September 21st

But also on national tour until September 2020. If you want a feel good show that has substance this is not to be missed.

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Please note the tickets were a gift in return for an honest review.

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