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Musical theatre is my thing, 100%, there is nothing entertainment wise that can fill me with the joy that musicals offer. However, sometimes it’s good to enjoy something a little different and The Fatal Attraction UK Tour at the Opera House Manchester is indeed very different.

Ok firstly, its a play, there is no music, yes glaringly obvious! But a big factor, as Fatal Attraction brings a totally different theatre experience. Also being a thriller gave it a completely different vibe to anything I have ever seen.

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Fatal Attraction Uk Tour

What Is The Fatal Attraction UK Tour About?

When Dan’s (Oliver Farnworth) wife Beth (Susie Amy) and daughter are out of town for the weekend to visit her mother Joan (Anita Booth) he decides to to meet friend Jimmy (John Macaulay) for dinner and drinks.

But Jimmy has an emergency and has to head off, Dan is left to finish his drink alone. However he had caught the eye of Alex (Kym Marsh), they chat, have things in common and seem to click. This leaves Dan with two choices, do I or don’t I?

Review Fatal Attraction Tour

Dan’s decision is one that not only affects his life, but his whole family, with a potentially catastrophic outcome.

How Does The Story Evolve?

If you were around in 1987 and watched the movie, you will know this is the story that coined the phrase “Bunny Boiler” you will also know how this story plays out. But just in case you weren’t and don’t know the story, I won’t ruin the whole plot for you.

What I will tell you, is that Fatal Attraction explores the possibility that Dan took the low road and displayed the ultimate weakness. Thus despite being happily married couldn’t resist flattery and attention.

What is Fatal Attraction About

Watching this unfold made me feel quite sick, you find yourself hating Alex, and despising Dan. She has no regard for anyone but herself, yet Dan’s weakness is pitiful.

Don’t get me wrong he is not the victim here, far from it. However Dan tells it from a place that his despicable weakness makes him, somehow, the victim. Yes, that is how it turns out, but it’s not just him that suffers as a result of his stupidity, innocent people suffer too.

My Review Of Fatal Attraction

The production was excellent, Fatal Attraction had me gripped the whole way through. And time flew, that’s a true reflection of being gripped right? Additionally, although I can’t speak for others I would say this reflected through the audience, the theatre was silent.

Review Fatal Attraction Uk Tour

There is nowhere to hide with a production like this, it’s all about acting skills. I believed every word, and felt emotionally invested in the characters and outcome. My only criticism was sometime the volume wasn’t loud, however this could be in comparison to the large productions I am used to. Fatal Attraction is more stripped back, this could be the reason?

The set was so clever, with the use of projection to create different environments that worked really well. However this to a degree exposed the actors even more, there were no grand distractions. As a cast they told the story magnificently, had me on the edge of my seat in places, rolling my eyes at the stupidity of Dan, and feeling sick at the thought of what Beth was going through.

Looking at this from the 80s standpoint is so different from how I see it now. Maybe thats a change in my personal opinions and also the evolution of times and attitudes. But I found myself pitying Alex, yes she is psychotic, but also clearly ill.

Fatal Attraction-Tour-Theatre Royal Brighton-18-01-22-1238

Of course she knew what she was getting into! However I would also argue she was in some way as much a victim of Dan as he was of her. It didn’t feel as cut and dry as I remember.

Should you see Fatal Attraction?

If you enjoy plays, yes! It’s a gripping portrayal of an 80s classic, real food for thought, gripping and quite sickening. You won’t leave uplifted, however I did leave thinking wow, amazing but scary, it really makes you think.

Where Can I See Fatal Attraction?

Fatal attraction is at the Opera House Manchester until the 26th Feb and on UK tour stopping at

  • Birmingham, Tue 1 Mar – Sat 5 Mar 2022
  • Richmond, Tue 22 Mar – Sat 26 Mar 2022
  • Aylesbury, Tue 5 Apr – Sat 9 Apr 2022
  • Glasgow, Tue 19 Apr – Sat 23 Apr 2022
  • York, Tue 3 May – Sat 7 May 2022

I was gifted the tickets in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own, it was a nice change to enjoy a play, and I am glad it was Fatal Attraction. See more Manchester Theatre reviews here.

Review Fatal Attraction Uk Tour 2022


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