Review, Anything Goes Manchester 2022


Last night I spend a delicious couple of hours wrapped in a big nostalgic cruise blanket. Watching the 2022 Anything Goes at the Palace Theatre Manchester and it was wonderful.

If you read my website you will know that after my passion for theatre and crafting comes cruising. This is probably more of an obsession, thus the prospect of spending a couple of hours in a cruise/theatre bubble was exciting.

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Anything Goes didn’t disappoint! In fact after a rocky first 10 minutes where I was uncertain whether I would love the show? It grew and grew into a glorious celebration of song and dance. But also with a gentle topping of at times hilarious slapstick comedy which made the show a total triumph.

Review, Anything Goes

Review, Anything Goes Manchester 2022

What Is Anything Goes About?

When Elisha Whitney (Simon Callow) sets sail to the UK from New York, he instructs his right hand man Billy Crocker (Samuel Edwards) to sell his shares portfolio based on a tip from an old Harvard pal.

However Billy discovers the woman he has fallen in love with, debutant Hope Harcourt (Nicole-Lily Baisden) is about to set sail with her mother Evangeline Harcourt ( Bonnie Langford). The trip is so poor Hope can be married to Lord Even Oakleigh (Haydn Oakley), in a marriage of convenience.

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Meanwhile public enemy number one Moonface Martin (Denis Lawson) and his moll Erma (Carly Mercedes Dyer) are escaping arrest, and thus heading to the UK under false names.

Additionally heartbroken Reno Sweeney (Kerry Ellis) is boarding with her back up girls to spend the sailing performing onboard.

Billy accidentally get stuck onboard as the ship sails, and there starts a glorious but crazy story. One that had the audience in hysterics. But also in awe of this incredible casts talent.

My Review

I wasn’t sure for the first 10 minutes. However, I was soooo wrong, because Anything Goes builds into the most extraordinary celebration of old movies, chorus lines and days when slapstick comedy was funny and warm. The story starts off a little complicated, with lots going on, but it draws you in.

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You feel invested in the characters, their huge differences and back stories. Reno Sweeney is simply stunning, she has the feel of a 1930a film star, whist Erma plays the bad girl perfectly.

Additionally watching Lord Evelyn trying to understand Americanisms is truly hilarious. The characters are all so diverse but played to perfection and of course, Bonnie Langford never disappoints, she’s an institution.

The set is so wonderfully nostalgic, giving the perfect cruise ship vibe required for the 1930s.

However my standalone favourite moment amongst many incredible dances, scores and one liners was the chorus “Anything Goes” it was sensation. I felt as if I was watching a glorious old movie every step and note was flawless. The entire cast and orchestra coming together to create pure perfection on the stage, the whole theatre was rapturous.

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Would I Recommend The Show?

That is a resounding yes, if you appreciate chorus line style productions then Anything Goes has it all, wonderful music, a truly engaging cast, hysterical one liners and choreography that has you mesmerised. It’s a wonderful feel good show.

Where Can I see Anything Goes?

Anything Goes is playing at the Palace Theatre Manchester until Sat 18 Jun 2022, click here for tickets. Then playing at the Barbican Theatre London though to early September 2022.

Please note I was offered the tickets in return for an honest review, and you can’t argue with incredible talent and a feel good production with a cruise theme. Check out more theatre reviews here.

Review, Anything Goes Uk Tour Manchester 2022

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