Reliable Airport Parking With Skypark Secure


There has been so much in the news about unreliable parking services lately. It’s a bit of a worry when you are handing your car keys over to someone for a couple of weeks. Finding a reliable parking service is key.

On my recent trip to Greece I used Skypark Secure. After a chat with them ensuring their partners are safe and reliable. I felt comfortable to go ahead and book my meet and greet parking at Manchester Airport.

However I do have parking conditions. I like to book meet and greet and it must be reliable. There is nothing worse that having the faf at the airport, I like to drop my car off near to the door get my bags and head to duty-free.

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And more so when I am traveling with Chris and the boys, negotiating teenagers and suitcases into a terminal can be hazardous and sooooo stressful. ¬†And for those with toddlers, well it’s not one of the memories I cherish. A toddler under one arm, a case under the other, or trying to negotiate a trolley and kids takes a special kind of skill. The nearer and more convenient airport parking is the better. This takes all the stress out of travelling and lets you enjoy your holiday.

Skypark Secure Airport Parking

Once my airport parking was booked I arranged a time to meet the collection driver and just had to give him a quick call five minutes before I arrived.

On arrival he was there ready and waiting for me to take my bags do a vehicle check and enjoy my trip. And he took my car off to a secure parking area.

I was given a number to ring on arrival and he was ready and waiting as I left the airport terminal. Of course you can go for a cheaper options and use the shuttle buses. But for convenience I can’t recommend meet and greet enough. The service is quick and reliable and as Skypark Secure works as a parking database search engine it searches for the best offer at the time or booking.

I put this to the test a couple of weeks later when I flew to Germany from Stansted airport. And yet again the service was seamless, great value, easy to book and my car was ready and waiting at the end of my flight ready for my long drive home to Lancashire. Shame I couldn’t have got them to drive me home too x


9 thoughts on “Reliable Airport Parking With Skypark Secure”

  1. We never use the meet and greet at the airport as my step dad usually takes us to the airport (even those 3am airport runs when heading to Greece lol). But I would definitely use something like this if we needed to x

  2. Hey Sarah, we used to do the meet and greet all the time it was so easy, it is a shame that there are bad company’s out there that ruin it for the good ones our last experience was not so good, come home from Lapland on Boxing Day had to wait 2 hours for them to return are car when they did it was covered in mud on the outside and inside the alloy was damaged, we had only pick our new car up 2 days before we were so upset, tried to complain but no one answered the phone, got home and they had left a key in the car with there telephone number and they were due back to Gatwick on the 16th Jan to no car. Don’t think I would trust anyone with my car again. Sorry for the negative repsone xxx

    • Ah Emma thats awful I am so sorry that happened to you, did you go through a booking agent ? That really gave me peace of mind x

      • Hey Sarah no done it on line as always, I know was a nightmare and the meet and greet is so easy, the crooks have to ruin it for the good guys ?


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