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It’s not often I chat about my real life specialist subject. However I have been trying out Joico products for blonde hair lately and they really are worth shouting from the rooftops. Especially if you find your blonde hair is yellow?

I have spent the last year thinking about all things curly, and using products without Sulphates has been a game changer for the condition of my hair.

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Joico Products If Your Blonde Hair Is Yellow Index

Joico blonde life products for blonde hair

What Are Sulphates I Hear You Ask?

Sulphates are chemicals added to hair products to enhance cleaning capabilities. In my apprentice days shampoo had to foam. And the more lather and bubbles the better. It’s now been proven that there are many reasons to go sulphate free. Lots of people are allergic to the ingredients and they are not as great for the hair and skin as we once thought.

Being Sulphate Free For A Year Has Made A Difference To My Hair.

Although I have ultimately decide that following The Curly Girl Method is not 100% for me. Why? I don’t like my hair curly at the roots, and I like to have straight hair days.

However I did like the whole philosophy of using sulphate free kinder products. And whilst it did help my condition, my colour suffered. What do you do when you love your curls but your blonde hair is yellow? It took me a while to realise that finding the best hair products for blonde hair was more of a priority for me.

My hair colour had started to appear golden, even yellowish and in some lights looked awful. The products I was using were to rich and not for my hair type. By pure coincidence we had started using Joico products in the salon and all the stylists had totally fallen in love with the range.

You just know when a range is better for a certain hair type, or great for conditioning dry porous hair. But my personal priority is blonde hair, so Joico agreed to send me the range to put to the test.

My Review Of The Joico Products For Blonde Hair, Especially If Your Blonde Hair Is Yellow!

As soon as you mention blonde hair products people assume it must be a purple shampoo! And Joico do sell a purple shampoo and conditioner which are fabulous. However they also sell a brightening range, and this is what has made such a huge difference to my hair.

Blonde Life shampoo and conditioner

Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo And Conditioner.

The products arrived just as we were about to set off for a week on a river cruise. I like to take products I trust when I travel, there is nothing worse than bad hair on holiday. However in a mad moment I packed the Joico keeping everything crossed I was not making a mistake.

Now what I didn’t factor in was how hot it was going to be on said cruise, I am not a hat kinda person, thus my hair took a real battering.

Talk about really putting a product to the test, I usually come back from trips like this with frazzled hair. However the Blonde Life Range protected my hair, partly down to the conditioning agents built within the product, but also it’s UV absorbing capabilities.

The products gently lift away dirt, remove minerals that make blonde hair appear brassy and level the PH. Thus ensuring your blonde stays clean looking and healthy. My hair has never looked so shiny.

Deep Conditioning Hair Products For Blonde Hair, The Blonde Life Brightening Masque

The brightening masque is the perfect addition to the shampoo and conditioner. I have to say the products are so conditioning and fabulous I haven’t felt the need to use it that often. And have done a deep conditioning treatment once every 7-10 days, that is all my hair has needed.

 Violet hair toning mousse

The Game Changing Purple Toning Mousse, Joico Brilliant Tone Violet Smoothing Foam.

If you only buy one blonde product in your life make it this! I adore the whole range, but if your hair feels even a little brassy or yellow this mousse deals with it. You only need a tiny bit and it cleans out any brassy tones. When I first started using the blonde life range I used it every time I washed my hair. However now I only need to use it once a week, if that.

Once you have the tone of your hair right the blonde life shampoo and conditioner does the rest and keeps your blonde looking cool.

Heat Protection Products For Blonde Hair

The Blonde Life Brightening Veil strengthens hair, protects it from thermal damage and offers UV protection. This is a great all-round product for styling which leaves the hair feeling smooth and shinny.

Frizz Protection For Blonde Hair

The Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil is hands down the best oil I have ever used. It doesn’t dull blonde hair, if anything it makes it brighter and shinier. And the frizz fighting qualities are phenomenal, my fair feels skinnier when I use it if that makes sense? But as its designed for blonde hair it doesn’t weigh it down.

Anti frizz  Joico hair products

The Joico Blonde Life Range In Conclusion.

I have never skimped on hair products as they are important to me, and have used some fantastic products in the last year. The blonde life range is not the most expensive range I have ever used, neither is it the cheapest.

The average product comes in at around £15. However when you factor in that I have been using these products for 6 weeks, the shampoo is just under half full, the conditioner half full and I haven’t even put a dent in the rest I would consider them great value. You don’t need to use a lot.

My hair looks healthy and shiny and the colour is the best its been in years. I will be buying these products when they run out and also recommending to my clients with blonde hair.

And my curls? My hair is curling better, and I now wear it curly every other day. And because I am using sulphate free products that are tailored to my hair type its never been better.

Disclaimer I was gifted the products for review, but will love Joico forever as these are my stand alone favourite hair products I have ever used. My hair has never felt and looked better.

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