Preparing For Our Children’s Futures And That Happening To Quickly


I can’t believe I am even writing this, but Jack will start his driving lessons in October arghhh. I never forget the first little car we bought him. It was a little red convertible with a yellow roof and a handle so we could push him along.

The first time we ever took him around the block in it he fell asleep at the wheel. When we carefully lifted him out, trying not to let our giggles wake him he had an imprint of the steering wheel on his forehead.

He then progressed onto a huge battery jeep; he thought he was king of the road.  And used to knock for the other kids on our little new build estate to offer them lifts ha ha. It was so cute he seemed so grown up.

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But now! This stage! I am just not ready for. A real car, with real gears, that drives on a road. Arghhh. But as you can imagine Jack is beside himself  with excitement to start learning and preparing to drive. He is even looking for cars, although if I might say, in a rather hopeful manner.

And when I say hopeful he is looking at Mini Coopers! I suppose we could say he is ever so slightly deluded. We will help him get onto the road with his first car, but when you look at all the costs these days is it blooming astounding and a Mini is not on the cards.

Insurance alone is the price of a small second-hand car. And there lies my dilemma, new or old? Is newer safer, cheaper to insure and run? I am just not sure.

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What I do know is this milestone has swung around a little to quickly for my liking. I am terrified of him driving. And ever so thankful for black boxes that limit speed and driving hours, I could kiss the man or woman who made them a thing.

Life will change forever going forward, with career prospects and choices, buying property, the sports car he is convinced he will have one day. We are no longer thinking about school ski trips and funding the best trainers, latest game consoles and watches. Although of course these are at the very forefront of Jacks mind. And as we roll our eyes at him knowing he has bigger fish to fry. We also realise he may be grown up in so many ways, but not in others.

Last week we had a conversation. “Mum can I have £20 please?” Me “Haven’t you got money in the bank?” Jack, ” I am saving” (ooh I think this is positive) but no Jack was saving for a Mac Book, because a regular laptop will not do.

Yes, it is a positive move, but this boy is leaving school very soon, starting to study and learn to drive and still it is important that he has the correct model of laptop. He says he gets it from me. But he is missing a key element I have a job. Which is something he will have to think of very soon.

Fortunately he has a little money in the bank he can put towards insurance, and we will fund his car. But actually I really wish we had used a little more insight and set up a Junior ISA, rather than premium bonds, which have not had hardly any return.

Are you saving enough for your child? My parents funded my first car and I certainly want to do that for both the boys. Get them started in the world and allow them to travel places just like I was able to.

Check out this infographic outlining survey results of the costs of our little angels. It’s a little eye watering, but they are worth every penny.

Preparing For Our Children's Futures And That Happening To Quickly


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