Prepare Your Car For Your Next Road Trip


With Uk Travel and US Travel being a huge focus for families who love to travel. Ensuring you are fully prepared before taking a road trip is important.

Preparation comes in many forms, ensuring you have packed everything you need for your trip. Additionally having plenty of car activities and snacks to hand to make journeys with children less stressful. Another factor is ensuring your car is safe and roadworthy. Here are a few pointers to make sure your car is road trip ready.

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All cars over the age of 3 years old must have an annual MOT test – which is a declaration that your vehicle is fit to drive and not a danger to your safety or the other passenger’s safety. It’s also important to purchase from a reputable car dealer or site.


Prepare yourself before your next MOT 

In order to achieve that certificate, you have to make sure your vehicle is in good working condition. But you can always plan ahead and perform some simple and easy to do checks at home which will reduce the risk of failing an MOT. That is of course as long as their is nothing mechanically wrong with your car.

These tips might seem very basic but they can make a big difference when you book your car in for an MOT. If your vehicle is not covered with an MOT certificate you could be subject to a fine.

Simple car checks include :

Check your vehicle lights

These include all lights, rear, front and all others. If any need replacing, do so immediately. It is an offence to drive without your lights working correctly. Additionally your car will not pass an MOT without correctly functioning lights. 

What about your seat belts?

Seatbelts are vital, if they are working incorrectly they will not serve their purpose and provide protection in an accident. Check the mechanism of the belts to ensure they are providing the correct amount of protection.

Find an approved MOT testing service

Find an approved reputable MOT testing service in your area. It helps too look on reviews to check people are happy with the service of the MOT provider. For example, If you are in a local area like Wakefield you can book MOT in Wakefield from Ossett Tyre House. 

Check your brakes 

Are you confident your breaks are in good working order? If your brakes feels sluggish there may be an issue. If not not get them checked out by a specialist immediately.

Get to know your tyres

Be aware of the legal tread limits of your tyres, if there is any wear get them replaced. Also ensure you know what the correct pressure should be, and keep the tyre pressure topped to the correct level at all times. 

If you have any concerns about your car then get it checked by a reputable garage, we carry our most precious people, alongside ourselves on a daily basis. Its vital we keep on top on car health checks. 

Top up the window wiper water

Ensure you keep the wipers topped up, this is also seen as an offence and dangerous if the water vessel is empty and you are unable to wash your windows, thus affecting visibility. 

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