Planning A Villa Holiday With Teens And Getting It Right


As our little darlings get older life changes. Yes, that is obvious, we knew that was always coming. But quite how much was something we had not anticipated. You see, a couple of years ago if you had said to me you can book a family villa holiday wherever you want! I would have picked a tranquil location.

Somewhere with a stunning infinity pool a BBQ and a football table.  But now, although that would be lovely, I wonder how long it would be until the dreaded boredom kicked in. You know, where teens have a striking resemblance of Kevin and Perry. And they drag their feet along the floor claiming we have ruined their lives because we are holidaying in a remote stunning location.

Yes, that’s the future; these teen-folk don’t like peace and tranquility. They see it as the enemy. They want buzz and atmosphere. Somewhere to meet new friends and hang out with said friends.

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But then there are our needs; us parents want luxury, a great pool and great food. We would be happy chilling with our little roost, cooking fresh shrimps and steak on the BBQ whilst sipping fine wine, or as we read a book by the pool.

Planning Trip With Teens And Getting It Right

But if the teens aren’t happy no one is happy, fact.

To get the balance right we need to find somewhere that ticks the boxes, sometimes a villa holiday is just what the doctor ordered and with a little compromise everyone can be happy. Mojacar has a perfect selection of villas within walking distance to town and apartments, villas and townhouses. Giving plenty of space but in close proximity to wonderful beaches, restaurants and bars and many local beauty spots such as the fishing town of Garrucha and the Desert town of Tabernas.

Giving you the opportunity to spend those blissful days by the pool. But affording the boys the opportunity to meet friends, hang out and inevitably plan a game of football, whilst I read a book and soak up the vitamin D without any teen chants of boredom.

And there is the thing, Teens need to make friends, explore and feel they are enjoying a little independence. Hanging out with parents just isn’t cool for a whole trip. Finding somewhere so suit everyone is vital. And if they are happy then the times they do grace you with their presence they are happy bunnies and fun to be around.

What The Boys Loved About Ikos Oceania,Planning A Villa Holiday With Teens And Getting It Right

What The Boys Loved About Ikos Oceania,Planning A Villa Holiday With Teens And Getting It Right

There is nothing I love more than spending time with my family, laughing over diner and splashing about in the pool  or chilling on the beach together. But its all a game of chess with teens, these are rewards for them having a great time. That sounds quite bleak, but it’s not. It’s just different, they are exploring their personality and making new friends is part of this.

And if you are longing for a chilled out villa break this could be a compromise. An apartment or villa with lots of space in a luxury resort rather than somewhere secluded. With lots going on to keep them happy, I honestly never thought I would be saying that. I used to be all for tranquility. But for a family with older kids it’s all about location.

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