Photos From Kardamena Harbour in Kos At Dusk


Its seems so long ago since we were wandering the beautiful streets along the little port town of Kardamena with the sun streaming down on us when we were on our Mark Warner trip. Jack complaining he was to hot. He is always either to hot or too cold! There is not optimum temperature it seems when you are a teen.

Those wonderful evenings watching dusk settle of the prettiest of fishing/ port towns. Wandering thorough the pretty streets chatting to traders and stopping for the occasional glass of wine. I love moments like this as I have our little family all together, everyone is happy and spirits are high. And we are not rushing to be anywhere.

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Because that’s the reality of everyday life isn’t it? Amazing but soooo busy, always needing to be at the net appointment of football training. Or coordinating school and college drop off times.

Anyhow for now I am going to keep living those wonderful memories of hot sunny evenings in the hope we get to jet off and enjoy them again somewhere very soon.

Dusk in Kardamena Kos
Kardemana at Dusk
Looking out to sea from the town of Kardamena
Sunset at Kardamena Port
The sun setting over Kos

9 thoughts on “Photos From Kardamena Harbour in Kos At Dusk”

  1. Lovely shots, Sarah. There’s something innately relaxing about looking back on photos of water, isn’t there? Many of my favourite shots from our holiday are of views of Lake Garda. They’re lovely memories to hold on to in the long months before the next trip and as the evenings draw in.

  2. Yes, keep enjoying those evenings! All those images are instantly relaxing. Looks so peaceful. And with the start of school again, life is about to get chaotic. I feel it too. #MySundayphoto


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