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Here we are well into February and we really should be a lot further on the house plans. Ok we have been struck down with 1 virus after the other, that never helps does it? But if I am totally honest I just don’t feel excited about it. Every time it pops into my mind I put it to the back. We have had one measure up for the kitchen and one for the garden room, neither of which I have seen the plans yet. Oh and one company sent plans through that quite frankly would have fit right onto the 1970s home!

Its crazy isn’t it? The work I have been dreaming of for years and I can’t face it! But the reality is I hate dealing with tradesman/salesmen! (sorry to all you honest tradesman out there, I am so hoping someone is going to restore my faith) I don’t trust them, we have had so many terrible experiences over the years. The conservatory that took over 6 months to build, and the salesman that still would not go after 3 hours! I kid you not! The painter that painted our loft hatch shut, the window fitter that fitted single glazing! Good god I could go on I have a list. And that is why I have no motivation for this project AT ALL. I am so much happier when we are doing the work ourselves.

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Magnet Kitchen Brochure www.extraordinarychaos.com

Of course I know I need to muster some from somewhere. We have only ever had one tradesman in our home who has done a great job and did what they said they would, but they fit driveways which is not very useful at this moment in time.

So with that in mind I endeavour to set out this week and book in all those quotes, and go to the meetings with those that have taken the time to quote so far and hope that I can choose the right people for the job. Whom we can trust and will do a great job without having to nag then. Good grief that has turned into a right old moan, but once I started I just couldn’t stop!

But here is what I have in my mind so far for our home in 2019

A Garden Room Made Of Glass.

It needs to be modern and let in light, but also be cozy on winters days. The plan is to create it so it is semi open plan to our kitchen, and it feels like an extension to the kitchen which is the area we spend most of our time.  Family time is key, somewhere to chill and read the papers on a Sunday morning. Of all gather and cook at the weekend. But also to have somewhere to hide away from the never ending stream of football at the weekend. With this in mind a  freestanding log burner would create the much needed cosy factor, can a room even be cozy without one?

Image https://www.ultraframe-conservatories.co.uk/inspiration

The flooring needs to flow through from the kitchen, I am thinking laminate flooring that is easy to keep clean with teens and the scruffiest dog in the world. Because setting expectations of show home like features is unrealistic. Being realistic is vital, our family really lives in a space. They are not a tidy bunch!

My mind has not even reached as far a furnishings yet! But the whole theme of our home is rustic, so it has to flow. I want to fit modern with vintage and it all work together. But I am always drawn to Chesterfield’s and chunky industrial furniture. These are a few ideas I have put together this morning, the pink will not win I know it! But hey a girl can dream.

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A Modern But Vintage Kitchen

Maybe industrial, but NO GLOSS. We currently have a black gloss kitchen it shows every mark! Reflects everything and sucks in light like a vortex. The kitchen has to fit around my kitchen table, its battered and dented and exactly how I want it.

Creating A Vintage Yet Modern Dining Space

However I want to create light but with a vintage industrial feel. And the biggest island for cooking and entertaining. We keep radiating towards greys and blue’s, but with light worktops to reflect light. But I honestly can’t visualise it yet, which means we have not seen exactly what we are looking for.

Blue Shaker Style Kitchen www.extrordianrychaos.com

Getting away from a uniform layout is quite important, maybe more shelving instead of cupboards? I want it to have that wow factor every time I walk into it! Make me want to spend hours cooking up amazing recipes.

To facilitate the work the whole bottom of our garden will need excavating and levelling. Groans! This is the bit I am dreading, all that mud and Toby!!! Chris is going to have to come up with a solution here as owning a furry mud magnet is not conducive to ground works. But it will be worth it in the end. When I am sat in my glass room the sun shining in on a cold winters morning, steaming mug of coffee in hand I will wonder what all the fuss was about.

This post is a paid advertorial feature however all thoughts are my own, the plans  or lack of are real so send coffee, inspiration and some recommendations of amazing workmen!

2 thoughts on “Our Home Renovation Plans For 2019”

  1. I know exactly what you mean about putting things off, we’ve had some terrible work done over the years and it’s really made me wary. That along with the stress, mess and disruption but it’s worth it for the end result I’m sure. I love your ideas especially for the kitchen, I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

  2. I always ask my friends and family for recommendations of people who they use for their work. If you know they’ve done a good job for them, chances are they will do a good job for you. Good luck with the renovations. We’ve been doing our house up for 2 1/2 years and we are on to the final two rooms. I’m excited about getting every room as I want it.


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