Our Family Holiday To Mark Warner Lakitira With Teens Part 1


Earlier this year I got the ever so exciting news that I had been chosen to be a Mark Warner Mum and was. going to Mark Warner Lakitira in Greece. This was the first time we would be visiting Mark Warner and we could wait to find out if our teens would love this kind of family activity holiday.

Here we were nearly 6 months later heading out to Lakitira resort Kos in Greece for our Mark Warner Holiday.

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We have never been on a package holiday before as a family. Our flight was booked from Gatwick so we decided to make the 6 hour journey the day before and stay at Gatwick overnight and be chilled and prepared for the early flight.

Getting To Mark Warner Lakitira Resort

The next morning we are up and ready to drop our car of with the meet and greet guys at Sky Park Secure which is so much less grief when traveling with kids.

And as regular customers I trust them which is a huge deal when leaving your car with someone.

The flight was scheduled on Germania airlines. It was organised and efficient. We were met promptly at Kos airport to be taken to our coaches ready to sweep us off to resort, which was only 15 minutes away from the airport.

Arriving At Mark Warner Lakitira In Kos

Never having been on this sort of trip before I may have been a bit laid back about the welcome meetings. And may ahem, have spent too long taking photos on the way there and been late. But in my defence the resort it so pretty.  I have always thrown my organisation skills out of the window as soon as I land on foreign soil. But holidaying with Mark Warner requires a certain amount or organisation.

Now this is not a negative, it just takes some getting used to when one is not used to it. Mark Warner is so different from any holiday we have ever been on. It is all about the sports and let me tell you they are pretty spectacular but you have to be in the loop to know what is going on.

And that means being on time to the welcome meetings. (I was so lucky the staff were amazing and caught me up on what I needed to know) Also the app is a great resource which we used all the time.

Looking out over the Greek Sea
The Village At Mark Warner
The Sea in Kos
Mark Warner Lakitira
The Grounds

The Rooms At Mark Warner Lakitiria

Our room had everything you could need; it was split into 2 rooms with a walk in wardrobe so LOADS of storage with a safe. There was tea and coffee-making facilities and a fridge. It had a large bathroom with toiletries and a hairdryer. And a separate toilet that is fab when traveling with older children. We also had a large balcony overlooking the gardens.

Guest Room at Lakitira Kos

Kids Clubs At Mark Warner Lakitira For Teens

We had only been on resort 2 hours when Joe head off to the kids dinner with the kidz club.

The clubs run activities throughout the day and evening. Having a break for lunch to allow the kids a bit of down time and trust me they need it. The activities are full on and exciting, with sailing, windsurfing, paddle board tuition. There are also pool games and activities in the hut.

Joe never stopped for the whole week. We found he was waking us up early for breakfast because he did not want to miss out on a thing. He made some lovely friends and the kidz club staff were incredible, especially Amelia who Joe just adored.

I can’t believe he came home being able to sail and windsurf after only a week.

Jack for reasons, which we can’t, fathom chose not to get involved with the indy club for older teens. I am not sure if it was GCSE results stress, or just he needed a wind down. But he chose to chill out with Chris and I, however we did take part in quite a lot of water sports together.

Kids Club at  Lakitira
Learning to paddle board and windsurf in Greece for teens

Learning To windsurf at Mark Warner Lakitira www.extraordinarychaos.com

Water Sports for tweens
Diving for teens in the pool at Mark Warner Lakitiria

The Water Sports For The Whole Family At Mark Warner Lakitira Resort

This is why you go to Mark Warner Lakitira. It took me a few days to get it, and then once we started to getting involved more it was like a light bulb moment. The water sports facilities are incredible, we canoed, sailed, went out on a catamaran and paddled boarded.

My only regret is that we did not sign up for sailing and windsurfing tuition on day one. As I have to say, I caught the bug, but left it far to late for a course. However it was nice just to chill for the first few days! You can’t have it all can you? And that gives us all the more reason to go back again.

The beach team were wonderful and Finn our sailing instructor deserved a medal after an hour with me. Lets just say I was not a glamorous sailor; in fact I was not that good at all. I even fell under the boat and had to be rescued when I got of after my lesson.

Jack on the other hand was a natural and was able to control the boat in a red blue flag winds. Unlike me, who had it spinning in circles as Chris and Jack watched on in hysterics. However I loved it and am determined to master sailing! Even though I was shaking like a leaf.

teenagers at Mark Warner Lakitira
Sports at and the teen club kept our teen so busy

Mark Warner Mum Sailing At Lakitira www.extraordianrychaos.com

Sailing at Mark Warner Kos www.extraordinarychaos.com

Chilling in the pool at Mark Warner Lakitiria www.extraordianrychaos.com

Meal Times At Mark Warner

Again different from anywhere we have ever been, I really struggled with Joe not wanting to eat with us. I tried every trick in the book to get him to dine with us. But he was having none of it. For Joe dinnertime was an absolute treat, dining with his friends and the club in the Italian before they head off for the evenings activities.

Food is fuel at Mark Warner; there is plenty of it. Lots of delicious salads and cold options plus also a rotation of menus and hot meals each night. We chose to eat in the Trattoria most nights because Jack preferred the menu in there. And there was a great selection of pizza and pasta dishes and the roasted vine leaves and vegetables were just delicious.

And for lunch the snack bar offered lots of fab options my favourite being the grilled chicken salad which was also great value at €6 and so good. You could get a take out or grab a table and glass of wine and dine with the sound of the sea in the background.

Breakfast Buffet At Mark Warner Lakitira Kos

Was Mark Warner Lakitira For Us As A Family With Teens?

It took us a few days to adapt and get the whole concept, and if you don’t look at the bigger picture you just don’t get it. But wow once you do Mark Warner Lakitira is incredible for teens, there is so much to do and get involved in. The key is organisation and just jumping in feet first.

And I promise if you do you will love every minute. Would we go back? In a heartbeat! I still can’t believe what Joe got out of the week. Watching him windsurf competently on the last day took my breath away. The whole buzz about the resort is so friendly. The staff are warm and friendly and all the other guests were the loveliest people. And furthermore I am determined to master sailing!

Thanks for much Mark Warner for choosing me to be a Mark Warner Mum it’s been an honour and so much fun, we had a wonderful family holiday.

Want to read more check out my hints and tips post for Mark Warner Lakitira for families with Teens.

Family life in a Greek resort
Our trip to Mark Warner Lakitira in Kos, Greece as a Mark Warner Mum with our family and teen boys

47 thoughts on “Our Family Holiday To Mark Warner Lakitira With Teens Part 1”

  1. This all looks amazing Sarah and all the water sports with tuition all in the same place is fab too. It really looks like a fab family holiday and as we’re all water loving people the sailing really appeals to me. Lots of helpful tips and advice plus money off amazing definitely going to check this out. Thanks for great info and post ??xxx

  2. It is amazing to think you could come back sailing and having tried so many watersports in a week – and even more amazing when the kids club is so good, you barely see your kids! Definite advantages and disadvantages there 🙂 I was in Kos earlier this year and it’s such a lovely place, this seems a gorgeous resort to stay as well.

  3. How wonderful that you can do proper courses there- it’s good to know you can come away with a qualification or two. The sheer array of sports looks fantastic, I would be tempted to have a go at the windsurfing myself ooooh and sailing and…. Hmmm perhaps I would need more than a couple of weeks! 😉 The kids’ club sounds fab. I bet you missed Joe a bit but fabulous that he clearly had the best time!

  4. Ah I’ve heard so much about the great facilities at Mark Warner and the water sports look second to none. Perfect trip for those who want adventure all day every day! The boys looks like they had a blast!

    • Ah Claire he really did, and thanks so much Greece is a beautiful place to capture. Yes they should but I really should have done it the other way round! x

    • Thanks so much Kaz it was all so great and a wonderful place for older kids and teens, Joe loved the freedom that Mark Warner offered and the staff were amazing with the kids x

  5. I know what you mean about the concept. There’s a very distinct ‘style’ to these sorts of holidays. At Levante I found everyone to be mega-friendly, and yes, it’s the sort of place where it’s good to get stuck in with the activities. So many to choose from!

  6. We’ve never done a package holiday either – I imagine it would take a lot of getting used to! It looks like you had a fantastic time and well done you for having a go at the water sports. I’ve heard such good things about Mark Warner holidays – I think maybe we’ll have to try it out one year.

  7. I found that my son loved kids clubs on holidays up to a certain age and then, as an older teen, preferred our company. So I can understand how your younger teen loved being with a gang and the older one, not so much.
    Great to hear what a Mark Warner holiday has to offer – a fantastic way to try your hand at a number of sports and decide what you’d like to do again in the future.

  8. We’ve never been on a Mark Warner holiday either so it’s great to have such a comprehensive overview. As a family, I think we’d all love to try out the watersports activities. My two boys keep pestering us to learn how to waterski and windsurf so they’d love this. The accommodation looks lovely too. #MondayEscapes

  9. I would love to try one of these types of holiday when my boys are a bit older. I think it’s a great concept being able to try so many different sports in one place. And what I wouldn’t do to be there right now and escape this particular Monday.

  10. My husband and I are thinking about honeymooning here. I’m not sure if the pressure to join in with sports and activities might make it less appealing to us. Sounds like you had a wonderful time though #mondayescapes

    • Emma there is no pressure at all. Chris did a few but in his own time, however the boys are mega sporty and loved the chance to take part. I did quite a bit as I loved it all so much, there were people there that did no sport at all. The one thing they don’t do is pressure you I promise x

  11. I’m ashamed to say I don’t know who or what Mark Warner is, but it sounds like a very interesting place to visit and learn new water sports! everything about travel is an adventure, even if that includes being part of a highly structured resort for a few days… and that is what is great about travel, it opens it us up to new ways of thinking or experiences. Great post coming from #MondayEscapes

  12. Sarah your holiday looked amazing!! Such gorgeous photos and the rooms are beautiful too! I love that there is so much to do and with three little ones…I would just love a resort like this! #mondayescapes

  13. It sounds like the water sports are a big feature at Mark Warners. It’s not surprising with the gorgeous blue, sparkling water. I like you can;t sail a boat going round in circles hitting my head on the boom! #MondayEscapes

  14. We only did one of these kind of holidays with our children when they were younger and I have to say the organisation was just too full on for us. We like to do our own thing, regroup as a family and make our own agenda and this just never ticked our boxes. I have heard from other families with teens though how great the watersports are. Glad you all had a lovely time and congrats on being a Mark Warner mum. #MondayEscapes


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